A letter from someone that "just happened to run into the Street Preachers"


Dear Bible Baptist Church,

Last Sept. 14 I took my 5th grade class to the Capitol. I had asked my church to pray for an opportunity to witness. I’ve gone 4 years in a row. After a self tour we have the class sketch the Capitol.

While we were doing this your group had your rally. We were the group sitting in front of you. I couldn’t have planned it better. Right away a student said, "What does, It is finished mean?" I told him of course that Christ died for our sins and the price was paid. That salvation was finished. Your young ones, mostly girls I think passed out your tracts. As we went back to Merced they were reading them on the bus.

The next day at school I asked what gave you the right to do this. This then led to a 30 minute discussion. A problem boy asked is it true that if you don’t have Christ you’ll go down? Of course I told them what I believed.

I’ve always given my testimony and the gospel to my class. A few have been saved in past years. I am not ashamed of the gospel and many parents have been amazed at how Christ is presented in my classes. I praise the Lord for the many opportunities I’ve had over the years to preach Christ. I teach U.S. History so I have many opportunities to clearly show how Christianity helped establish America and how the government is trying to keep them from freedom of religion.

Thank your for your testimonies. Please pray that God will continue to give me opportunities and that the seed we’ve both sown will bear fruit.

In Christ,