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SWAT REPORT #  166  9-28-2011

Act 2:46   And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,


We have no regrets and no complaints and we knew what we were diving into when we scheduled all of this but it seems like the verse above describes us for the past 6 weeks with no change in sight.  All we do is preach, drive, preach again, eat, drive, eat again, sleep little, fellowship and then start over.   But praise the Lord He is beginning to raise support of the Institute for Biblical Ministry in the Philippines.

Institute for Biblical Ministry…Philippines

This is the name of our new ministry beginning soon in the Philippines.  I have a brand new 16 minute video that explains it all.  It is available upon request…simply reply to this email and request it and send a snail mail address or call me at 512-660-2320 or call and leave a message at 850-208-3773.   Our supporting churches that we will not be able to visit and tell of the new work will all receive one automatically but in case a couple of weeks go by and you do not receive yours just give us a holler. 

No photos this time but we have preached in Beeville, TX for Pastor Burrell, Pastor Bez Cummings in San Antonio, TX., Pastor Bill Adams at Smyrna Bapt. In Pensacola, FL, Pastor Skip Kish in Tallahassee, in Panama City for Buddy Maynard, for Pastors Joe Cammilleri and Jay Folk at Old Paths Bible Bapt. In Holley, NY, and Pastor Vince Giardino in Rochester, I taught in Dr. Cesar’s Bible Institute, in E. Amhearst, NY.  And preached in the Charity Mission founded by Pastor Pete Wigdor.  I just finished the mid week service preaching for Pastor Scott Strobel in Lockport.  This is all in the course of 2 weeks and driving in between…whew…Praise the Lord.

 Praise the Lord we have had some churches decide to support the new ministry of the Institute.  I do wish you would pray about what the good Lord would have you to do.

 Mary is doing fine at BBTI in Bowie, TX and Robin is celebrating her birthday today. She looks terrific…I’m in love…with my wife.

 We appreciate your constant prayer for us as we travel and preach and present the new work.  Also, an urgent prayer request for a place to set our container filled with our personal items.  We cannot ship it from Romania to the PI until we have a place to put it.

 Preaching the gospel wherever we go…
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ