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SWAT REPORT #  155   12-03-2011

1Ti 1:12  And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;

The ministry is one of the greatest things the good Lord ever invented for His faithful servants.  I cannot think of anything in this world or in this life that I would rather do than serve the Lord who saved me.  I preached yesterday in the Prison “The most important thing in life”  from Mark 8:36 about losing your soul…but then added the passage in Philippians where Paul said that he counted all things but dung that he may know Him.   My soul will NEVER be lost and now I have chosen the best thing in life which is to know Him and to serve Him.  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a most exciting testimony time Wednesday night.  The girl in the attached photo is named Ramona.  She visited our church with her saved father who was visiting from Italy.  He found our church through our church website and brought his unsaved 27 year old daughter to church.  They came a couple of times and Cornel and Mary had them to dinner with our family and Ramona received a very complete witness from all of us.  She said she wanted to make her decision privately.  Her father left to return to Italy and Ramona came alone on Wed. night.  We take prayer requests and when her turn came she shot straight up like a bullet and lit up like a light bulb and announce that she had gotten saved…GLORY.  It was a thrill for all present and an encouragement to continue to faithfully witness.

Most Christian church workers are familiar with the BETTY LUKENS FLANNEL GRAPH SETS.   I am making another survey trip to the Philippines in May and will be talking to and preaching for several good national Pastors about my future ministry there.  It has been suggested that it would be a most wonderful gift to give these good men and their ministries a complete set of Betty Lukens Flannel graphs.  It may be that you know of a church or person who may have one of these sets not being used.  It could be put to VERY good purpose in the Philippines.  OR…… may be that a church, individual or Sunday School class would take up a special offering to buy a complete set.  Our mission board can purchase these at half price.  Half price being around $200.  If you have one to give please mail it to First Bible Church 6200 Amboy, Staten Is. NY.  10309  (attention Pastor Veach)  and then let me know it is coming via email at  If you would like to give the money for a set…please mail that to and make check to Word for the World Baptist Mission PO Box 849 Rossville, GA. 30741 and designate to “Philippines fund”.   Also, I would like to know if you decide to give this money for the set via the same email.

A lot of you pastors have good reference books sitting on your shelves that are no longer used because you have them on your computer programs.  If you would like to put them back in the ministry you might consider giving them to a ministry student in the Philippines.  These books could be a concordance, an exceptionally good condition King James Bible, a good dictionary (like Webster’s 1828) or any truly good books that would   be profitable for a young Bible institute student.  These would be wonderful tools to supply these students in the PI.  Just mail them to First Bible Church 6200 Amboy, Staten Is. NY 10309 (attention Pastor Veach) and we will guarantee their properly placed into appreciative hands.  

We have set a cut-off date for those who are deciding to attend our Summer Bible Institute in Romania.  Attached is a flyer with all the details but you better make your plans and let us know before May 1, 2011.   We need to make OUR plans accordingly.   If there are further questions please either email me or Bro. Logan or call 850-208-3773 but remember this number rings in Romania (7 hours AHEAD of eastern standard time).  We have a dress code that will be sent to all committed students…just request it. 

I plan to be in attendance this year but will I see you? We will have some great instruction and good preaching and special music available but will you be there to enjoy it?  All the info is on the attached flyer but will you just be a hearer of this or a doer?  I truly hope to see many of you.  This is going to be a good one.

 Available for service to the Lord around the world
Gerald Sutek

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