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SWAT REPORT # 149 NOV. 5, 2010

2Co 8:11 Now therefore perform the doing of it; that as there was a readiness to will, so there may be a performance also out of that which ye have.

Pretty incredible…our church here in Romania sponsored its first missions conference. Pastor Logan and myself educated our folk here concerning missions for months in advance. They all fully understood what they were getting into and what they were committing to. The preachers and candidates were all very good. We invited Jonathan Pasqual from the Philippines, Sal Galioto and part of his family from Sicily, and Paul Hamilton brought two of his own men who presented their work in Moldova. We also had Sergio, a national who has been part of our church in recent time. He is trying to start a work in a nearby town called Blaj. Our people were very moved and challenged by the 5 day meeting and on the last night the church pledged over $8,000 for missions over the next year. Not one penny of this pledge came from either Bro. Logan or myself. We give ours through our church in USA. For a small church on the mission field we thought that was an incredible victory for missions. One lady was saved during the meeting. If you care to take a glance at the conference click Mary Bethany has produced a short five minute video collection of photos and videos…just click on

Street meetings during the conference The outof-towners who came for the conference did some sight-seeing during the day on Thursday. They were in a favorite tourist attraction which is the old walled city of Rasnov on the top of a small mountain. It was packed with tourists as usual and when our group reached the very top they preached to the many tourists below. Cornel Moisuc was in charge of the outing and was just mentioning the possibility of preaching when Giacomo Galioto (17) jumped up and began preaching in Italian. His brother Samuele followed him along with Cornel and some others. We think it is great that this was sparked by our people rather than Bro. Logan or myself. We also had a great street meeting in the center of Brasov on the Monday following the conference. One teen-aged young man was saved and the preaching was done in five languages. Mishca from Netherlands preached in Dutch, Sal Galioto preached in Italian, Jonathan Pasqual preached in Tagolog, Cornel preached in Romanian and I chose, from my vast language abilities (HA) to preach in English.

Directed through the supply of the good Lord (Phil. 4:19) the brethren have supplied part of the need for the evangelistic trip to the Philippines. Thanks to all who took part in this supply. We have purchased the tickets and will leave (Lord Willing and it certainly appears that He is) on November 22. We have a very close schedule of meetings until Dec. 27 when we fly out and back to our ministry in Romania. Please pray for this tight schedule as well as the tender, emotional, reunion with Mary and her family there. There is still a short time left if someone else wants to help supply the need for this massive, busy, and expensive trip back to the Philippines. Attached is a flyer with all the pertinent information.

Many bookstores have ordered the two new books now available and if you are in anyway (either personally or through your church) connected to people or bookstores who may be interested please pass this info on. A few years ago I wrote a very brief biography to honour my father. He was the best man that I have ever known and had an interesting life during the early years of the last century and through the depression all the way to 1990. The book is entitled A Tribute to a Common Man and is fresh off the press.   This book would would be particularly good for a pastor to give to the men of his church as an inexpensive gift for Father’s Day for instance.
Also, don’t forget about the new book Sermons for Life.

Pray for the Philippines trip…thanks
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10