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SWAT REPORT # 145 08-24-10

Mark 5:20 And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.

The above verse was certainly true…all men did marvel as we began to publish it. In photo 145.01 Pastor Mike Veach brought a group of young men from his church in Staten Is. NYC to visit Bro. Zander in Racos as well as our ministry here in Brasov. In this photo they all joined us on our weekly street meeting. What a blessing to have a healthy number join us in our publick ministry but oh, did the people marvel.

In photo 145.02 Bro. Veach is proclaiming his testimony to his generation. Notice the BRASOV sign on the mountain behind him. He was a true blessing as he preached for Bro. Zander's church in Racos, to our prison ministry, on the street with us, and as you see in photo 145.03, in our pulpit on Sunday night. In photo 145.04 the whole group of us together enjoy some fellowship.

Adam Zander prints one tract that I wrote which requires four tricky folds. To save a bit of spare change we just have a tract folding night after the mid-week service and everyone gets involved see photo 145.05. From the youngest to the oldest see photo 145.06. In this last photo Peter Militaro is in his mid 70's and sits at a nursery table with Lydia Logan who turned 8 not long ago. They serve together as brother and sister in the Lord.

"Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?" According to photo 145.07, apparently not very well. Well, we never claimed to be farmers and with way too much rain, the garden in the wrong place where the water drains right through it, the dog eating the young plants and new tomatoes (see photo 145.08) what you see in photo 145.09 was our abounding harvest. It certainly wasn't the good Lord's fault, we simply don't know what we are doing. I think I will stick with preaching…and I have trouble enough with that.

Pray for me as I travel Friday morning, along with Adrian and Cornel, two of our young preachers, to western Romania to challenge them on the subject of publick ministry. I love doing this and I have had a bit of experience at it too. This year will mark 42 years in the publick service of the Lord. I have challenged over 1,000 churches around the world for publick ministry.

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