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Rev 3:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

Oh, how I praise the good Lord for health, ability and open doors by which I can still serve Him. For the second year now, missionary Chris Rue has extended an invitation to minister in his youth camp in Odessa, on the Black Sea in Ukraine. Chris and his wife Naomi (See photo 144.01) were the greatest hosts to me and their home and family are a great joy and delight. Giving me unlimited time on each of four evenings to minister to 120 Russian/Ukrainian/Moldovan/American PK’s is like throwing a pot roast to a wolf. See photo 144.02, 144.03. Camps like these could change the spiritual scene in eastern Europe if the Lord Jesus’ second coming is any distance in the future.

My dear friends and co-labourers in the work of the Lord were also in attendance and I was able to have a weeks sweet fellowship with Perry and Galia Demopolis and their three dreamboat girls, Paul and Susan Hamilton and their hockey-pro son Blake and co-worker Clayton McCurtey (see photo 144.04), and Paul Gray and his family. My messages was interpreted each night by the very best interpreter that I know of…Vanya, from Paul Hamilton’s ministry in Moldova. He speaks five languages and can go back and forth between them all. WOW…he has the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues. Thanks Vanya. It is a Christian camp for a group of missionary churches and the young people are screened before attending so the count for salvations is not impressive. But, there was a high number of eternal decisions made by most in this group. I used many object lessons which I truly enjoy doing. I had a real sword and did short skits about David’s mighty men. I also had a small cardboard house with all sorts of things inside and a large gift-wrapped gift. The kids loved these lessons.

Meanwhile, back in Romania, all ministries are going well and the church is gearing up for a big missions conference in October. We plan to give the church here a big thrust into the wonderful world of missions giving. I will write more on this as time draws nearer.

Photo 144.05 is a photo of the house next door to us which is under construction. Notice the makeshift scaffolding including tree limbs, some metal and rusty nails…please don’t notify O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) the branch of US government that regulates safety.

Also attached is the flyer for our latest book which is now available to be ordered. Please consider this as a valuable help for any preacher, SS teacher or even for personal devotions. It has now been made quite simple to order. Flyer link

Finally, please prayerfully consider our SWAT-Philippines fund…all the info is in the attachment.

Preaching to the future Russian generation on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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