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SWAT REPORT # 142   6/20/10

Luk 14:23  And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.


Springtime is good for evangelism.  This is not to imply that winter, fall and summer are not…and we are faithful all year round.  This spring is the celebration of 775 years that the city of Brasov has been incorporated and therefore many events take place to help remember.  In photo 142.01 and  again in photo 142.02 you can see just a small example of this.  These guys show up every Friday at 6:00 and draw a good crowd…what a coincidence, we are there at the same time.  Look at photo 142.03 to get a glimpse of the crowd we are honored to preach to. 


We are faithful in our attempt to put a tract in every door or mailbox in the city of Brasov (350,000).  In photo 142.04 you will see where we are in this venture.  There are many hundreds, and seems like thousands of these CCCCC’s (Cheap, Crumbling, Communist, Concrete, Condos) in our city.  They are accessible with some effort and once inside they devour many tracts swiftly because all the mailboxes are in one convenient location.  Sometimes the dwellers get obnoxious with us, possibly thinking we are JW’s.  I truly hate to be mistaken for a JW.   I wonder if the JW’s are ever mistaken for a Bible Believer.  This past Saturday two of our people got violently shoved but we were able to contain the flesh, praise the Lord.  We have reached and passed the half-way point in this ministry. 


We continue to pick fruit from our prison ministry (See photo 142.05).  Men saved each week.  Two were clearly saved this week. Some of them have requested that we contact their dependents which live close by.  This past week myself along with my faithful visitation partner and translator Adrian visited on prisoner’s family and led three adults and possibly one 9 year old boy to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Another prisoner’s family have come twice to our church services.  Pray for Viorica and the five children which tag along with her to our church.   Pray we can make salvation clear so that their hearts can be affected to salvation.


We thank the good Lord for our church building.  It is rare among European missionaries to have their own building.   Through the diligent efforts of Bro. Logan and the generous giving of many of you we have been meeting in our own reconditioned building now for a year and a half.  But we have not had the great comfort of restrooms nor have we had and adequate nursery and not even one extra room for kids SS.  Well, now look at the evolution of our new addition.  In photo 142.06 a foundation crew came from Capital City Baptist in Austin, TX and got the construction off the ground and up into the air.  In photo 142.07 a crew joined them from Spring City Baptist in Lebanon, VA and took the job very near to completion.  In photos 142.08, 142.09, and 142.10 you see the great blessing of our fine addition as it is within just a few days of completion.  Praise the good Lord.

 Building, Men, Women, Servants, ministries, buildings, and spiritual excitement on the Eastern Front.

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for CHRIST
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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