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SWAT REPORT # 138 02-18-10

Pro 23:22 Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.

Well, you never know where the SWAT TEAM is going to show up but wherever they do, they minister. I preached in Brasov, Romania in January and in Nashville, TN. in February and then in Brasov again in February. I had to make a whirlwind trip back to US for just two weeks to take care of some unavoidable business. While in the US I was honored to see my mother for the first time in 3 years. She will be 94 in April and was saved at the age of seven. See photo 138.01. Notice the verse at the beginning. She is still a lovely lady both inside and out. She is a favorite among the staff in her home.

Joel Logan's church in AL. joined myself and some others from Ron Ralph's church in TN. on a really great street meeting in Nashville. Everyone preached and sang and many, many heard the truth of the gospel. I also had a short visit with Bro. Homer Smith and the staff at WFTW mission board. Bro. Smith was ready to go home (real home) and he died the next day after my visit. What an honor to know and work with such a choice servant of the Lord.

I flew from an ice storm in TN. back into a hard winter in Romania…so much for global warming. But we are not hibernating in the ministry. Our folk have covered a good percent of the dwellings in Brasov with the gospel via tracts in mailboxes. Our goal is every dwelling in this city of 350,000 population. We have had continuous street meetings throughout the winter and have not cancelled one service Sunday AM, PM and Wed. PM. We have even added the orphanage ministry this winter. See Adrian ministering to the kids at the orphanage in Photo # 138.02.

Please pray about a meeting we have with the prison authorities here. There is a maximum-security prison not far from us and we would like to get the opportunity to minister to the inmates. We have a meeting tomorrow Feb. 17, and will let you know. This report may not reach you before that time but the Lord probably honors retroactive prayers too.

In photo 138.03 we are entertaining some of our church folk at our new home…Dorin and his family and Peter and his wife. We love our new home and are able to SAVE about $250.00 per month by living here. Glory to God. In photo 138.04 Mary is serving in the kitchen (she decided to help Martha Lk. 10:40 HA HA) and that is where we are keeping her. Mary has great talent as a cook and baker and I am vibrant testimony to that fact.

In photo #138.05 Pricilla, Cornel and Mary's oldest girl is teaching her baby doll how to play my accordion…sure is pretty…Pricilla is too…Ha.

By the way, our mailing address remains the same…
Either the mission board:
Gerald Sutek
PO Box 849
Rossville, GA 30741

Or our field address:
Gerald Sutek
OP1 CPO 18
500500 Brasov

But our phone is not a Vonage phone like we had…we lost our decent internet and had to go with a phone over here…so, you can still call us if you like but you better check how much it may cost you per minute…but we are worth it…don't you agree…you may call us by dialing 011-40-374-003-953…we would love to hear from you. We can also call you back, as, we can call the states for about 10 cents per minute.

Serving faithfully through the winter on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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