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SWAT REPORT # 137 01-05-10

Psa 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.

Well…OK…so Jesus didn't come last year….but He IS coming this year…you just watch and wait…He's comin…just like He said…AMEN?

What a wonderful crowning of the year…last report I showed you the graduates of the class of 09…and asked for prayer that they might be faithful. Well, Cornel went and did it…he took his family to his family home in Iasi for the holidays and was brave and faithful to preach the gospel wherever he goes. He held a couple of street meetings right in his hometown and his brothers, rather reluctantly, were with him. The photo isn't the greatest but please look at photo 137.01. He also was asked to preach in his home church on a Sunday night special youth night. He preached to over 100 people. This may have been the best message they have heard all year. Please pray for Cornel and his lovely family to continue in the things of the Lord.

Psa 147:16 He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes.
Yes, snow…see photo 137.02. He crowned the year with snow…I took this photo an hour ago and it is still crowning down upon us. This patio table would be a weatherman's delight to measure the snowfall. Praise the good Lord…winter here is not the terror it was when we first came. The European Union has poured money into Brasov and they now have very good roads (except in our neighborhood) and good snowplows and salt trucks…the roads are now clear and safe…at least after the snowplow passes.

This is a joke…you can laugh!
A blonde followed a snowplow for hours…the plow stops…the driver walks back to the car and asks the blonde, "Lady, what are you doing?" The blonde replies, "Well, I was lost in this snow storm and I just did what daddy told me to do in such cases…I pulled in behind a snow plow and followed it." Unbelieving pause… "OK Lady, we are finished with Wal-mart parking lot and now we are going over to K-mart!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (You are only allowed to respond to this if you liked it.)

Lev 23:4 …ye shall proclaim in their seasons.
We continue to put out the Word of God in all seasons…although the holiday season seems to be the least fruitful. More than half of our regulars returned to their families for the holidays and left us with a faithful few. Robin and Mary were both sick with flu symptoms through Christmas and there was little or no publick ministry done because no one was out and about…In photo 137.05 can be seen one of our last publick meetings of the year just before Christmas. The city provides us with a lot of lights and festivities right up to Christmas day and not much after that.

Lam 1:12 Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? …
In photo 137.03 you may see a Gypsy lady passing by in the field directly Behind our new house. This photo was taken right outside my 2nd story rear window. She is in typical Gypsy dress. We have a whole Village of Gypsies just mile from our door. This past Saturday I tracted the entire village. To tract this village is like stepping back in time 200 years. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to fully realize what a grand and wonderful opportunity we have of serving the Lord here in Eastern Europe. Thanks to all our supporters that make this possible.

Just thought you might enjoy a recent photo of the SWAT TEAM (Sutek family at present) as they serve the Lord. See photo 137.04. This was taken in Palermo, Sicily Italy. In 2009 I preached publickly in the following major cities. Berlin, Germany…Maastricht, Netherlands… Kiev, Ukraine…Chisinau, Moldova…Brasov, Romania…Pisa, Italy…Rome, Italy…Palermo, (Sicily) Italy…and Paris, France. The SWAT TEAM gets around.

Would love to hear back from you…sometimes it seems like I just send these reports out into cyberspace…never to return.

Serving in the snows of Eastern Europe.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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