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SWAT REPORT # 129   07-06-09

1Co 9:16  For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!

O Woe is me…join my pity party!!!

I cannot imagine life without the ministry of preaching the gospel.  I know what Paul meant when he wrote the verse above but I think it can also be applied in the sense I am about to apply it as well. 

Most guys my age are bored with their golf scores and have to get their excitement via passive, electronic, channels. This is why I can claim the verse above when it says, “woe be unto me, if I preach not the gospel.” If I did not preach and minister I would be as miserable as all my contemporaries. 

Let me show you how I suffer on a daily basis.  Look at photo 129.01.  This is what I have to look at as I drive to our most recent ministry in Intorsura Buzaului. Don’t you feel sorry for me?  Photo 129.02 is a closer shot of some Gypsies walking through this postcard. As I was occupied with the camera, Dorin, one of our men who accompanied me, went down and passed tracts to the Gypsies. See photo 129.03. Dorin and I were on our way to Buzaului to initiate some open-air evangelism. We did not preach, I just flew the new banner and Dorin passed tracts and talked to those who would talk. See photo 129.04.  I am taking it slow in this new ministry…I just wanted to weigh the response of the people and possibly the priest or police when we started doing some publick evangelism.   All went peaceably and Dorin got a really good witness into one man. Photo 129.05.  I held the banner for about an hour to the great curiosity of the residents. Photo 129.06 shows some curious lookers…the pole in this photos on the left is me holding the banner and taking the photo at the same time.  Pray for me as I suffer for Jesus in this time of my life.  Truly, I am having a ball for Jesus.

Photo 129.07 was taken out my office window.  It is terrible only having these scenes to look at.  If you want to give an evolutionist a fit…ask him to simply explain a rainbow.  You can also have a good laugh by looking up what science says about a rainbow on Wikapedia or Encarta.

Our church building is really beginning to look inviting.  Bro. Logan has done a miraculous job on finishing the outside, clearing away grossly unsightly debris and installing our own private entrance and gate for the church.  I will send some photos of the new building in the next SWAT REPORT. Several churches in USA have contributed to this and it is beginning to pay off.  We had four new visitors this past Sunday three of which were lost.  We had a total of 44 in the AM service. Praise the Lord.  The preaching was top brass and the music was great.  Come see for yourself. 

Don’t feel sorry for us…we are having a blast serving our Lord Jesus Christ on the eastern front. Thanks to all who give toward our ministry here.  We pray the good Lord will richly repay you everyone.

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2 Tim. 1:8

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