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SWAT REPORT # 128   06-16-09

Mat 10:18  And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.


I know no one enjoys being a “testimony against them”. As servants we must not analyze but simply obey.  Our infinitely wise Master knows exactly what He is doing. He can and will accomplish what He desires if we simply obey.  If we are a faithful witness He never fails to bring in the harvest at His own time.  We have tried to be faithful to obey and be a witness unto Him (Acts 1:8) for quite awhile.  Then we get some fruit for our labor.  The following story needs a bit of explanation.

 We have a sweet, little 11 year old girl in our church family whom we gained as a drop-in when we were meeting out of the city in the village Bro. Logan lives in called Hermon.  Ioana has been as or more faithful than some adult members.  She was saved in the church at Hermon and everyone in the church has adopted her since her mother left well over a year ago for work in Greece and has never returned.  Ioana now lives in another village beyond Hermon with her grandmother in a most evil environment.  Best description…it’s a good place to raise a stray dog.  The church decided to take our weekly street meeting out to Ioana and her grandmother’s “beautiful apartment house.” See photo # 128.01.  We flew the banner Photo # 128.02.  We sang Photo # 128.03.  We preached Photo # 128.04.  Basically, since no one but Ioana and gramma came to church from this “friendly” neighborhood, we were kind enough to bring church out to them…sort of like a spiritual picnic. By the way, we had 18 from our church on this street meeting…19 last week and 10 on door to door visitation.  Well, they did not want a spiritual picnic, church, music, preaching, the banner or US. In Photo # 128.05 here come the demon possessed women.  In Photo # 128.06, 07, the grammas, babushkas, bunikas…don’t like it…but Photo 128.08 the men don’t care.  When we first started all these men had a beer in their hand from the in-block pub where they are standing.  But when the police became more and more visible, the beer miraculously became more and more invisible.  What I just described is the normal social structure in eastern Europe.  Some of the grammas cajoled their men into attempting to confront us but mainly it was a female encounter until the police arrived Photo # 128.09, 10.   By the way, the policeman was a fine, sane, gentleman just doing what he was trained to do.  Well, by now we have a decent sized crowd to preach to see Photo # 128.11.  In the midst of all this melee Ioana and her unsaved gramma come out of their apartment and through the war zone risking persecution, and join us singing Photo #128.12.  Gramma has come to church several times before but was never saved UNTIL this past Sunday AM…Photo # 128.13.  Praise the Lord for the fruit right in the midst of a war.  The good Lord has given us 5 saved in this month of June so far, plus the one I got up in Ukraine last week.  Glory!

In Photo 128.14 the kids from our new village of Buzaului show off their Bible story handwork.   They are sweet kids. Robin and Mary work with them.


2Th 3:13  But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

After years of passing tracts it sometimes makes you wonder where all that goes.  The Devil can have a successful time discouraging you if you give him half a chance…let me encourage you along the way. 

The banner we designed and used very successfully in Ukraine two weeks ago is a wordless banner designed to transcend all languages.  It has an exact duplicate tract that accompanies it.  The only words printed on the tract is on the last page and it is my website and the church in Brasov’s website.  Well, it was reported to me today that before our trip to Ukraine we had only had 4 hits on the churches website.  Since the  trip we have had 234 hits.  This means people are looking at the tracts and checking out the websites. We will only see the results of this in heaven.  One more story about tracts.

A good friend of mine is a faithful street preacher in the Syracuse, NY area.  Dom Mauro has been faithfully at work here for many years.  Not long ago a business man came to him and told him this story.  He said that Dom had passed him several tracts over the years and he took them back and kept them in his desk.  He read one and followed the directions and had been saved.  Then he moved to another department and changed desks.  A lady took his desk and found the tracts…read them…then inquired as to who was at that desk before her. She found the man and he lead her to the Lord…Tracts are not obsolete…just be faithful to put them out. 

Ecc 11:1  Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

Keeping the cops from being bored on the eastern front.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2 Tim. 1:8

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