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Neh 2:18 Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king's words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.

In the original Hebrew that word build can also mean remodel. Just kidding. I realize every pastor who ever had a building program used this passage of scripture to inspire his people but it is still good. We, here in Brasov, Romania are very excited about our building project. We explained in the last report #117 just how we came to obtain the land and the building but now we are rapidly remodeling to accommodate the church.

In photo #118.01 you are looking at the new floor…I know it still looks ugly but compared to what it was three weeks ago like in SWAT REPORT #117 it looks like improvement is happening. Bro. Isbell, missionary to Ukraine came down and helped us pour this floor. Thanks Brother. Photo # 118.02 shows the men from the power company putting in our electric power. The Holy Spirit will supply all the spiritual power necessary. Photo # 117.03 is our good man Peter in our church. He is our on site chief engineer and bucket washer. He is a hard working man. He witnessed to the rich man who gave us the property recently and the man professed to be born again. In photo # 118.04 you are looking at the ceiling inside…remember all those red pipes in the 117 report…all gone but still ugly…Bro. Zander will put in the drop ceiling this week and next. In photo # 118.05 is the grand entrance just poured. Photo # 118.06 shows more ceiling and old windows…they were replaced last Friday but I have not gotten a new photo of them yet.

Ok…enough ugly…how about photo # 118.07 for beauty…I'm not talking about me…but about my Gypsy sweetie adopted grand daughter. The balloon is prettier than I am. We visited the Zander family in Racos village and this is Mihai's newest daughter Adelina.

As we drove home from Racos that night we observed the handiwork or our Creator and Saviour. Notice photos 118.08 and 118.09. This was a beautiful reminder that with all the changes going on in this world, the US, Romania, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Obama, Clinton, Economy, Proposition 8, Santa Clause, General Motors, the new National Banks, and the pork alert in Ireland…the Lord never changes and He holds my salvation in His hand…Praise the Lord

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