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SWAT REPORT   #112   08-25-08

Mat 20:17  And Jesus going up to Jerusalem took the twelve disciples apart in the way, and said unto them,


All the college students and YOUNG people wanted our church to go out into the wilderness and have camp.  Well, I know there can be GREAT benefits to such activities but my flesh fights furiously against it.  I like MY bed…MY coffee, and at MY time…I like MY routine and MY privacy.  So MY selfishness had to be put down and MY bad attitude had to change this past week so that MY LORD could do HIS work in the hearts of our people…AND HE DID.  What a wonderful time everyone had. 

We had 45 people from four different nations gathered together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and separated unto HIS glory and praise.  We had most wonderful and profitable preaching by Paul Hamilton (missionary to Moldova), Brent Logan, and I made my contribution.  Photos 112.01, 112.02 is Bro Logan with Cornel translating and Bro. Hamilton just about to preach. Photo 112.03 is the congregation singing and preparing for preaching. We had great music and singing.  In Photo 112.04 Samuel Weimer, his brother Michael from Germany, and Cornel play for the congregationals.   Photo 112.05 the Isbell missionary family from Ukraine sing a special.  We introduce some of our people to a new item of life…in Photos 112.06, 112.07 it is mandatory quiet time with your Bible.  We had plenty of play time with basketball, volleyball, a little baseball, soccer, ping pong, hiking, and board games. Photos 112.08, 112.09 and 112.18 all show this part of camp…and in Photo 112.15 you can almost smell the inevitable stinky socks which accompany such activities. 

We were in a camp in a national park and there were many free range animals which delighted many of our kids (Photo 112.14 Mihai and a BIG dog) and frustrated our shuttle traffic Photo 112.10.  Our food was plentiful and absolutely delicious thanks to a hard working food crew part of which can be seen in Photo 112.17. 

We also had plenty of good ole fun.   Photo 112.12 Bro. Isbell tries a balloon adornment for size.  Photo 112.13 Joana claims it for her very own…it makes her very becoming don’t you think?

The combination of fun and heavy duty spiritual seriousness paid off with many hearts drawn closer and a good testimony to the heathen around us in the same area.  Photo 112.16 many communicate with our heavenly Father as a cute heathen girl from an adjoining camp looks on through the window in Photo 112.11

We only had one injury…a sprained ankle.  And only one medium-serious stomach flu that ran through most of the gang…some are still recovering. But what is camp without smelly socks, sprained ankles and stomach flu.  It was all worthwhile for the spiritual benefits which we hope to hear testimonies of Sunday night in church.

Thanks to all who bother to pray for us.

Camping for Jesus on the eastern front.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ

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