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SWAT REPORT # 107   06-02-08  

Rev 3:8  I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

I know the theological, dispensational application and aspect of the verse above but the good Lord has been so good to me that sometimes I believe He has made us an exception to the Laodicean church age.  We may not be seeing the multitudes rushing to the Lord or crowding in to serve the Lord but we are seeing some of both and we rejoice with great glory. 

 There are a few more photos in this report because I have not sent a report with photos for a good while…do with them as you wish…

 In photo 107.01 Adrian preaches for one of his first times…he displayed an unusual natural gift in ministering.  We are so very happy to have him as our student and fellow-minister…who is he preaching to??? Photo 107.02 the Budila gang.

 In photos 107.03,04,05  a combination of unsaved visitors and some of our church guys feast at our table following a spiritual feast at our church that morning.  Photo 107.06 is inexpensive, but valuable kitchen help.


Chuck Zander is doing a very good job with the church in Racos…they have good attendance and a good number have been saved under his ministry.  We joined his church and family for a day of evangelism this past Saturday in an attempt to bolster his first attempt at a mid-week Bible study this coming Thursday night.  As we drove into Racos there was an orthodox funeral in procession (Photo 107.07).  Some of your regular subscribers to these reports may recognize Mihai and his growing family in Photo 107.08.   Some of Chuck’s church folk came to help (photo 107.09) and Robin is standing proud with Andrea and Mihaiella, two of Mihai’s daughters in photo 107.10.  Girls, girls, girls…some of Zander’s, some Logan’s, one Sutek, and then some Racos in photo 107.11.  Photos 107.12-17 takes you on an evangelistic tour with us for three street meetings with 4 preachers, three interpreters and a police encounter of the second kind.  We are not usually bothered by police in the villages but we picked the wrong day.  Saturday was the day preceding local elections and there is to be no demonstrations of any kind.  We managed to complete our evangelistic effort with great pleasure.

 Bet you never had a street meeting like the one in photo 107.18.  Does this indicate there was a lot of “bull” accompanying the preaching…no that would be  udderly ridiculous.   Please don’t think we were cowardly with the gospel. I had better quit for the corn is not ripe yet in Romania…

A photo from history…Photo 107.19 is a black and white photo taken in 1937 of the exact square where we preach every week…………………OH, My…look at the guy in the foreground…I believe it must be my grampa playing his accordion on a street meeting…wow what a goodly heritage I have.

Let us hear back from you either via email or call us on our US # 850-390-4003…but remember we are 7 hours AHEAD of eastern time…

Although all is not quiet on the eastern front…all is well.

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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