2Co 11:28  Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me
daily, the care of all the churches.

Paul's life was complicated, not because of sin or frivolity, but because of
the busy-ness of the ministry. An old saint said, "Duties never conflict".
But sometimes you wonder.  I am well aware of the fact that this is the
first report I have sent since the first day of this year.but without
complaint, life has been complicated. 
1 Out of country for a month.
2 Return to two full weeks of pleasant house guests
    --Among them were the Tim Isbell family.missionaries to Ukraine
        --See photo 102.13
3 Returning young preacher along with me.first time on mission field.lots of
    Questions.lots of counsel.just my forte.love it
4 New computer.problems with adjustment and hookup to internet
    --Many problems involving many people, attempts, bills.etc.
    --If someone can help with this let me know.AOL tags me as a spammer

All of the above caused a TILT (Temporary Insanity Level Terminal)  response
and I am just now recovering.

In photo 102.1  Andrew Decker preaches a publick message on the streets of
Brasov.  Andrew is a veteran publick minister but this is his first shot in
Romania.  Andrew came to be with us for a couple of weeks in search of the
direction of the Lord.  He had the time of his life and gave a good report
to his home church, Bible Believer's Baptist, Canton, OH. Pastor Art Martin.
Andrew is the photographer of one of our winter street meetings in photo
102.6.  In 102.3 you can see a view of the city of Brasov from the side of
the mountain.  In the center is the Black church, a famous landmark
here...named that because of the color of some of the stone.we are preaching
just to the left of the church.in 102.2 is a view of the inside of an
Orthodox church here while a service is in digress, scuse me.progress. Photo
102.4 tells what happened in a tire repair shop when I gave an employee a
100 Euro tract.all work came to a standstill while everyone read this
valuable gift.praise the Lord.

In photo 102.7   I am preaching in a night street meeting standing in the
MUD while Johnny interprets.Andrew experienced Budila in this same fashion.
While Andrew preached publickly.one of the Gypsies got into my van and stole
his special Bible off the dashboard.I say "special" because it was the one
he took to Bible college and had all his personal notes.we offered a reward
but no takers yet.pray.Photo 102.5 captures Andrew and I, as well as the
Budila gang, in the Budila Bible study which Andrew taught.

The church in Racos is bursting out at the seams with 35+ in attendance and
just a few weeks ago 8 souls were saved in Sunday morning meeting.  Bro.
Zander and his crew are doing a great job with this ministry.we are glad for
all the reports. In photo 102.11 we visited Racos for some visitation.here
is part of my family along with part of Zander's family and some of our
favorite Gypsy kids. In photo 102.12 Mihai spontaneously preaches to his
neighbors as we stroll through the village.Photo 102.10 a wagon load of hay
interrupts the preaching.Photo 102.8 Gramma and Grampa are on their way to
market in the mud.speaking of mud.photo 102.9 does not do the mud proper
justice but may give you some idea.

We are all very happy, healthy, and wise, as long as we have our Bibles, and
are very much looking forward to spring.as I write this it is 26 degrees and
MORE snow is falling on top of ground that we haven't seen for 3 months.The
Lord knows what we need.

Our US phone is now finally working so help yourself to call us at US long
distance rates.just dial area code 850-390-4003 but remember we are seven
hours AHEAD of Eastern Standard Time

BUSY serving the Lord on the snowy, eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT team for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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