SWAT REPORT # 100 12-17-07

Job 38:22  Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?

Treasures of the snow????

I believe God’s Word but my answer to this question is, “No…I have not entered into the treasures of the snow.”  At the moment we have plenty of this treasure but it seems only to complicate my life.  In this holiday time and, with the snow it does seem to put folks into a mood to hear about the Lord…and we try to take full advantage of this.   Notice photo 101 and 102.  We had 19 out from our church for a publick meeting…many of them men who preach.  In 102, Adrian, one of our college student church members, preaches for his first time. I am always thrilled when another street preacher is born into the ministry. 

In photo 103 little Sergio is allllllllll wore out from the big street meeting and crashes on my couch.  I predict, if he follows his dad at all that little Serge will be preaching on the street shortly after he learns how to talk.

In photo 104 our church kids, and Mary with the big smile on the right, show off their arts and crafts.  Robin taught them and Mary created and directed all the arts and crafts.  What they made was Mary holding the baby Jesus.  These gypsy kids are the greatest…we have 20 or more for each class and they behave better than the bus kids in the states. 

In photo 105 Mary has some fun in the fresh snow…I guess when you are still young it is easier to find the treasure there. 

We give all of you photo 106 as a Christmas present…we sure do appreciate your faithful support of our ministry both in prayer and finance, especially in these difficult times for all European missionaries with a drop of nearly 40% in our income due to the exchange rate of the dollar against the Euro.  Phil. 4:19 is still in the Bible.  I know I check it a bit more often these days…

Looking for the treasure in the snow on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
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