SWAT REPORT # 98   11-28-07

Jer 3:12  "Go and proclaim these words toward the north,..."

North just happens to be the direction Johnny (Yanutz) is preaching in the square in Brasov during our Friday afternoon street ministry. See photo # 9801. Johnny is a college student who is very interested in the Lord's work. He does translating for us as well as Bro. Zander in Racos...over the summer Johnny played a very important part in the ministry in Racos...we are truly blessed with 7 very interested college students. See Photo 9803.   Pray for them...most live in the sewer, excuse me, dorm just a stone's throw from our house...we try to keep them happy in the service of the Lord but the world, flesh and devil put up a good fight for their testimony and purity.  Their names from L to R are Johnny, myself, Bro. Logan, ...front row Raluka, Rodika, Diana, Costine, and Danutz (phonetic spelling).

The music in our church is very good...we have quite a few specials both vocal and instrumental...Cornel is our main piano player, but the young folk are coming along fast...there is Bethany Ann Logan, Benjamin Logan, Enny (Surgiu's wife), and my daughter, Mary Bethany.  Enny also plays the violin and I take up the slack with accordion...good congregational singing too.   See Photo 9802...Bethany Ann and Mary Bethany are both singing and Mary accompanies...Praise the Lord for goooooooooooooooood music.

Photo 9804 shows familiar scenery in and around, up and down, through and through Brasov...this is a quite typical Orthodox church...plenty to choose from built on the choicest properties and gaudily decorated inside and out.  If you are somewhat ignorant of the Orthodox church they are the eastern split from the Roman Catholic church in the 11th century with very few differences from Catholic...depending upon where you are located they could be the Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox etc. etc....in contrast our church is quite UN-ORTHODOX...which puts a lot of folk off for some reason.

Photo 9805 shows the last of the harvest being gathered in...she might have to make several trips from field to barn but the gas milage is great. If Americans could only eat if they gathered their food in this fashion maybe we could cut down on obesity.

The Zander De-struction crew are working very hard on their Racos church and residence (see photo 9806)...they have done great improvements in the last 6 months...a ways to go yet but giant steps forward...they had 32 in attendance this past Sunday and we in our church in Harmon had 49 or our good folk with still a few out of town.

In photo 9807 the Suteks and the Logans join together on Thanksgiving to give thanks for ALL the good Lord's blessings and for all of you who support us in both prayer and finance.

Fighting in Un-Orthodox fashion on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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