SWAT REPORT # 95 10-22-07

Eze 4:3 Moreover take thou unto thee an iron pan, and set it for a wall of iron between thee and the city: and set thy face against it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to the house of Israel.

Illustrated object lessons
Taking my cue from Ezekiel and other OT prophets the Lord has allowed me to design many illustrated object lessons to more effectively teach the truths of the Word of God more effectively to both children as well as adults. Our Sunday School hour affords me this most satisfying opportunity. In photo #9501 you will see our very "trashy church." I taught on "Taking out the Trash" and illustrated how the sin in our lives and hearts is very noticable and needs to be taken out and put under the blood of Jesus on a regular basis. In photo # 9502 ...I found some YUK in the trash that looks very unsavory...notice forefinger on right hand...but after grossing everyone out I tasted the it and enjoyed the peanut butter...it was fun but the point was made...that we all have trash...it is all gross and it needs to be put under the blood.

Sports in the Bible
Notice photo # 9504...I am teaching once again and illustrating sports in the Bible...I am fighting the good fight of faith but using Bethany Ann Logan to make my point. Preaching through an interpreter is a very frustrating, necessary evil...and sometimes you just want to strangle your "interrupter" as seen in photo # 9504. Actually I was still teaching on sports in the Bible and demonstrating wrestling...but not with flesh and blood. Sergiu, the victim, is playing his part well.

The young lady in photo # 9505 is very much into this Chick tract. We were singing and preaching at this moment and I stole a photo of her. It pains us fiercely to see the tracts which have been labored over, prayed over, paid for, and given freely to be simply discarded with the left-over MacDonald's french fries...but here is some evidence that His Word will not return void.

It gets harder and harder for me to remember when I was 14 years old...and there are things about when I was 14 that I am very happy to forget...but in photo # 9506 my daughter, Mary Bethany at the right is happily celebrating her 14th birthday with her dear American friend, Bethany Ann Logan. Ahhhh the innocent years of youth.

In photo # 9507 the cross is lifted high...on the mountains of the small town of Bustien just 40 minutes from us. Thought you might enjoy some more of our picturesque scenery here in Romania.

We are all well and happy serving our Lord Jesus Christ. We now have a US phone # where you may call us for little or nothing...remember we are seven (7) hours AHEAD of eastern standard time...just dial 1-850-390-4003.

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