SWAT REPORT # 93   10-01-07

Ecc 7:1  A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.


Well, if the above verse is correct then we sure had a good day on the day of the funeral of Mr. Everybody Knows.  In photo # 9301, 9302 the procession and coffin allow me to teach a serious adult SS lesson on the myths and truths of death.   Note the mirror at the head so as each pass they can see Everybody Knows quite personally.  It proved to be a most profitable time in the scriptures.   Carrying the coffin are from left to right…Adrian (student at Transylvania U), Benjamin Logan, Audie (student at TU), and one of our good men and translators, Sergiu.


In the continuation of our grow-your-own-church project we have had great success in this most fruitful ministry project.  In photo 9303 Robin is holding another newborn…this one is Ivona Pricsilla and she belongs to Cornel and Mary.   In photo 9304 she is being dedicated to the Lord by her parents and pastor Logan officiating.  Sergio translates in the background.


In photo 9305 is pictured the whole body of our church in front of the gate to our new location with the new sign above.  Missing is a couple of limbs…Cindy was taking care of Lydia the youngest daughter of pastor Logan who was sick with some flu.   Peter, our Bible Institute grad was in France for a short period.  And the photographer just happens to be the author of this report…he is missing a lot.


In photo 9306 is a peculiar way to announce your wedding…but it sure got a lot of attention in Brasov on Saturday…


Following is a brief email I received last week from the Philippines.   I consider it a great encouragement from seed sown and tilled many years ago.   You never know when your labors might fall upon some good ground and bring forth fruit that you may not know about for years to come.  Sure is good to have spiritual grandkids continuing on in the ministry.  These emails and/or letters are not infrequent.

Dr. Gerald Sutek,

It's been thirteen years you came to our country if you still remember when we attended the seminar on street preaching at the church of Pastor Ismael B. Sanchez at Lapaz, Tarlac.

Yesterday our church, AV 1611 Bible Believers Baptist Church commemorates the thirteen years of proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And until now (by the grace of God) we are still standing on every street for Jesus Christ as God leads us to do so.  Our church became aware of the souls, men and women involved in this kind of ministry and we have a great revival then.

Now that i have here in mission, God had called me to preached three years ago here in the Island of Marinduque.  For the first time in history of Marinduque that there are some street preachers proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.   This in the person of bro. John Ledor Medallon, a fourteen year old high school student and his brother bro. Jhervin Medallon, a fifteen year old high school student.   We are preaching on the three towns of the Island, Boac, Mogpog, and Gasan, praise God they allow themselves to be used for God.  They said that their week is incomplete without going out preaching they addicted themselves to it.  Their mom and family has been blessed on what their doing.  "...What hath God wrought!" (Num.23:23).  Include them in your prayers to continue in the work of the Lord.

This was all done because of your effort and help when you came here, we really appreciate you so much for this.   May the good hand of the Lord be always with you and bless you and poured out more of His blessings on you and on your family.

Yours In Christ Jesus,
Bro. Ed T. Gatchalian - I Sam.3:9


Preaching ANYWHERE AND TO ANYBODY but mostly on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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