SWAT REPORT # 92    09-25-07

Matthew 19:14  But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.


In photo # 9201 Sergiu, who is turning into an avid street preacher, is ministering in front of a block (communist concrete commune) populated by a majority of gypsies which is about a mile from our new location in Harmon.  He and I, in our preaching, made it very plain that our church is for families and MEN, and in Photo # 9202 you see Sergiu getting serious into the Bible with an interested man…but the yield came in the form of gypsy children.  Believe it or not they are better behaved than most American bus kids.   So…………..we have reactivated our ministry with kids as you can see in 9203.  We had 14 on Sunday morning and that or more on Wednesday night.   Cindy Logan makes a great effort to teach them Sunday morning with Betty as an interpreter in photo #9204. 

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”  Not Bible but a good principle…notice while we ministered in the Communist, concrete Gypsy commune that it must have been washday…Photo # 9207…Ladies have you thanked God lately for your washer/dryer you usually take for granted. 

Photo #9205 is a paper church I built step by step for the adult/kids SS lesson from 1Cor. 3:11-15 and a few other verses.  The Bible says that if all is in order in the church that the light of the Lord will flow out of the body and that heavenly blessings will fall upon it…thus the blue roof with “Heavenly Blessings” listed upon it and the light coming out of the door.  Visuals are long remembered.

Finally, I had the opportunity to preach in a fancy Lutheran church in Harmon…no one came as you can see but I liked the pulpit…notice photo #9206…In case I have some literalist readers this last entire paragraph is a joke…except I did like the pulpit.

Shooting anything that moves….with the gospel on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT
TEAM for Christ
Amos 5:10, 2Tim. 1:8

We are scheduled to have our new phone hooked up in one hour and 15 minute from now…you may call us…nearly free at

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