SWAT REPORT # 91 9-14-07

For those of you who derive your strength from a regular diet of SWAT REPORTS…let me apologize for a month’s delay…I was out of the country and away from my computer and came back to 1,902 emails.  Please allow me to catch you up on the ministry here on the eastern front.

In photo # 9101 Dorin, one of our men, ministers at the regular hospice service.  Only half of the room could be captured in the photo.

In photo # 9102 Sergiu ministers in Budila at the weekly Bible study. We are working ourselves out of a job…our men are taking outreach ministries and we are glad…now we can sip iced tea and sit in the sun.  You know better than that…but we are extremely happy for our men to be involving themselves in the ministry here.   In fact, circumstances arranged such that both Bro. Logan and myself could not come to one of the street meetings and we thought to cancel it…WHY? Asked Sergiu…we can handle it…and two of our men preached in the FIRST-ALL-ROMANIAN street meeting of our ministry here. PRAISE THE LORD…THAT IS GREEEEEAAAAAAT.

In photo # 9103 Sergiu, Cornel, and Bro. Logan sing a men’s trio for Sunday AM as Cornel accompanies on guitar…we have excellent music in our church for its size.

In photo #9104, 9105 I am teaching an adult/teen/children’s SS lesson on the creations of God.  In 05 I am holding a blowfish…most of these creations these folks have never seen…and they all point to the hidden things of the Lord as in Rom. 1:20.

In photo #9106 Catalin and his family pose for a great photo.   Remember Catalin is the 27 year old guy who got saved a few weeks ago…his photo was in my report.  What a beautiful family he has…pray they will get the hang of church.  This photo was taken last Thurs. night while Sergiu preached the Bible study in Budila.

In photo #9107 we were pleasantly surprised Wed. PM when a slew of kids popped into the mid-week prayer service in Harmon…Bro. Logan improvised a special class for them and taught them a kid’s song and they sang it at the end of the service.  Praise the Lord…maybe we can reach the next generation in this village.  Lydia Logan is bunched in this crowd of kids…she is second from right…they are all cute.

Racos is getting established with the help of the Zander family.   They are busy both about the work of the Lord as well as providing for their own residence.  We are so very pleased with our work for the Lord here on the eastern front…let us hear from you…in just a few days we will have a number in the USA where you can call us for next-to-nothin…yes…for just the cost of a call that you would make to Pensacola, FL…and many have national cell phone coverage…you can now call us…understand that this is a US number…it would be free if you were in Pensacola…but if you live elsewhere in USA then you pay for a call to this area code…or you dial on your cell phone for free if you have national coverage…UNDERSTAND…NOW wait a couple of days…maybe middle of next week and then give us a call…REMEMBER WE ARE 7 HOURS AHEAD of eastern standard time…that is if it is 12:00PM in NYC it is 7:00PM in our house…here is the number…write it down…save it somewhere

850-390-4003    got it?

Replacing ourselves on the front line
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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