SWAT REPORT # 77    01-30-07

Acts 20:20 “…and from house to house”


In photo # 7701 Bro. Chris Smith is exhorting the Budila church to sow the seed of the Word of God.  He tells them that when the sower goes forth he does not examine the soil, nor the weather (Ecc 11:4  He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap. ) but rather simply puts out the seed and lets God bring the increase.  So,  we decided to give the church there a chance to experience this in their own community. 

The Lord tested us with one of the snowiest, blowiest days of the year.  In photo # 7702 my part of the gang of sowers are gathered for a remembrance photo…we actually had 8 sowers from Budila and 8 more of us from the church in Brasov come to the field for this event.  The weather can be seen slightly as the  sowers compete for the next mail slot in photo # 7703.   One of our Budila young ladies, Maria, helps a young boy to sow his seed in photo # 7704.  These young Christians, some of whom were saved under our ministry really had a grand time serving the Lord on this occasion.  Of course, no door-to-door in the snow is complete without a snowball fight and we included that…or rather, they did.  

Pray for the Chris Smith family.   They are traveling home even as I write this report.  They were here for a month observing this mission field and asking the Lord if it were His will for them to have a part in it…They could be a real blessing to us.  The Zanders are coming in May for permanent status here.  We are expanding faster than workers can be sent into this gleaning field.  Notice we do not refer to this as a harvest field…although the pickins are better than a lot of places…we are only gleaning. 

We had a great service in our church in Racos.  It was coooooooollllllld.

We had zero heat and yet 17 showed up and stayed for the warmth of the preaching of the Word of God…see photo #7705.   I had to give my heavy coat to one of the older Hungarian ladies in order for her to stay…she was about to leave because she was just too cold.  We do have a heater but because of the tight schedule until the Zanders get here there is no one to start that heater till we actually arrive.  Oh, well, spring is just around the corner.

I thought you might be interested to see the not-so-subtle advertising over here.  In photo # 7706 is a billboard advertising milk chocolate.  The photo is supposed to be an accidental splash of milk…my what a coincidence the camera just happened to capture it just at the moment it formed a perfect crucifix complete with head, arms outstretched, and nails in the hands…my, my, and in a 95% Eastern Orthodox country. 


Several folks have asked about the changes taking place since Romania’s entrance into the EU…well, the most significant and the one that affects us most is the cost of living has gone through the stratosphere.  One example is the following.  We live in a nice section of a building which has four other dwellings.  Our rent is very digestible.  But, pray…our rent is to be renegotiated in another 7 months.  Now, upstairs lives an older couple in their 70s and 80s…they have a two bedroom apartment where they have lived for 40 years.  The apartment is nothing to brag about…any American moving in would have to make major renovations.  There is no air conditioning or central heating…it is not pretty…but rather old and drab.  There is a plot of garden in the back that goes with this apt….but it is about the size of the average back yard in USA…I am not demeaning this living quarter…there is nothing wrong with it…but we just heard that the old couple want to sell it…you want to guess the asking price…………. $250,000   Yep…thank you EU

 In photo # 7707 shows some of the other crud that comes with the moving in of the western culture…the environmentalists are invading our natural habitat…and bringing all their perversion…

Enduring the WORLD while serving on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10 

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