SWAT REPORT # 76 01-17-07

Psa 69:2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing:


The verse above becomes fully understood during this time of year especially as we experience "Global warming." Thank God for Global warming…because if we live long enough and the Lord tarries His coming science falsely so called will probably be warning us about global freezing.

In photo # 7601 I am standing on some firm ground having "wallared" through the mire of the village. You should have seen our boots when we got home. But it is worth the "waller" through the mire for the opportunity to offer dirty souls the cleansing agent of the blood of Jesus Christ. 1Jo 1:7 …and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. Photo #7602 shows a few of the folk on this Hungarian side of Racos who came to be ministered to. In photo # 7603 Chuck Zander preached to these people and invited them, once again to church. Many of you have seen photos of this area before…we have ministered here many times in the past but since we have secured a building these folk have fallen off from attendance. This days street meeting brought some of them to church the next day. We have had some trouble with one of our former preacher boys in this village and his bad testimony has made things difficult here. Sin always complicates life. Chuck Zander is hard at work trying to build this ministry back up. He leaves this Monday but will return in a few short months with his family to pour himself into this work with us. We are very happy at this prospect. Please pray for the Zander family as they wrap their affairs up in the USA and follow the Lord's leading to work with us here in this part of Romania.

Photo # 7604 shows my wife Robin with my daughter Mary and three of our most beautiful Gypsy kids. Left to right is Mihaiella, Vlad and Andrea. The girls are sisters and Vlad is their cousin…have you ever seen more beautiful girls in all of your life. Vlad CAN smile but it is rare…he usually looks like he is mad at the world. He is a pretty good guy though. Robin and Mary are thrilled just to be around these lovely kids. This is Mihai and Maryanna's children and they are expecting another child this Spring.

Photo # 7605 shows the misplaced values of Gypsy village life. This is the world in all of its glory making available any and all sinful pleasure to the poorest of men. Pray that we can offer viable competition to this hunger as we make the riches of Christ Jesus abundantly available to the spiritually poorest of men.

The ministry is healthy and growing. The Lord is bringing fellow labourers our way both from the USA as well as good Romanian helpers. The winter has been more than tolerable here as it has been around the world. Trees are budding and we look forward to a very early springtime. Hope I am not premature in this hope. Thank God for global warming.

Preaching the warmth of the gospel to cold ears on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ

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