SWAT REPORT # 66   09-27-06

Act 18:11 And he continued there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them.

TAKES TIME TO GROW…especially when the ground is poor

Last report we talked about a Bible study we have begun in Budila Gypsy village. I tried to give you some flavor as to what it is like to enter this foreign territory and try to establish a fortress of some strength for the Lord and His kingdom. I would like to continue on that line.

Budila is our third such enemy territory where our Great King has opened the way for us. It is a joy just to ride behind Him as He conquers new peoples and places. Photo #6601 is a common sight going into Budila in the early evening. It gives some substance to my phrase, "I could teach Bible till the cows come home" The lovely Gypsy lassie in photo #6602 greets us rather forlornly. The mud only promises to get worse as the season pushes toward winter. Like Racos…there are two seasons in Budila…mud and dust.

Fortunately we were able to drive all the way into the village and park the van in the enclosed driveway of our host's house. The happy folk of photos 6603, 6604 and 6605 comprise our Bible study congregation...taking photos around the room. Robin and Mary Bethany appear to fit right in to photo 6605. Truly, we feel quite comfortable in the midst of this very different culture. This goes contrary to our fiber so we will give the credit to the Lord. Notice the hand painted, brightly colored wall paper…would you like us to bring you some when we come back to the states??? You would have to fully realize the lack of color and luster in these peoples lives. These folk really are great folk. In many ways we have a better base with which to build a church on in Budila than we had in Racos.

The first week I taught them from Rom. 3:4…on the authority of the Word of God…good foundational material there. The second week I simply showed them three occasions where a newborn Christian spontaneously tells what the Lord has done for him…this is the normal course of events…Mark 5, John 4, John 9…We give them verses to memorize and the homework this week was for each of them to tell two people what great things the Lord has done for them. I told them I did not care if it was their mother or a total stranger. I can hardly wait to hear if they did their homework and how it worked out for them.

Photo 6606 may be difficult for you to figure out…I will help…there is only a one lane dirt road into and out of the Gypsy part of Budila…on our way home we ran up on this van UNLOADING furniture and appliances for a family moving INTO this village. Catch the drift of my highlights and emphasis…We had no choice but to sit in the van and wait. It sure is interesting serving our Lord.

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