SWAT REPORT # 63 08-10-06

"Likewise all the men of Israel which had hid themselves in mount Ephraim, when they heard that the Philistines fled, even they also followed hard after them in the battle." 1Samuel 14:22

In the passage above Jonathan, by way of simple confidence in the Lord acts against the enemy and in so doing not only wins the victory but inspires those who previously had hidden themselves from that same enemy. David also was an inspiration to great and mighty acts for the Lord and against the enemy. Jonathan the son of Shimeah the brother of David slew a giant in the honor of his famous Uncle King David. Any servant of the Lord regardless of age, experience, fatigue, or many other things that could discourage them should strive to inspire another generation to be bold for our Lord.

Mirci Pricop is a young man of about 20. He is a student in a Bible college on the other side of Romania which does not emphasize publick ministry. He came in contact with our ministry about 3 months ago. He liked our conversations concerning P.M. and asked if he could return and go out with us. He came again a couple of weeks ago and he did go out in the center of Brasov with us. We were having a particularly difficult time with the police at that time and so were not at our usual liberty. He chose not to preach and we approved that. Well, he liked what he saw of P.M. and took it home. He is out of school for the summer and decided to start his own ministry on the streets of his hometown. In photo # 6301 you see Mirci preaching on his own motivation for the first time in his own city. I gave him a copy of my books on P.M. and he took it from there. In photo #6302 he is singing with guitar and some recruited friends. He is musically inclined and we hope to supply him with an accordion soon. He saw my magnetic bumper stickers and asked about them. I gave him some which immediately were fitted on his car. Buuuuuuuttttttttt…that was not enough for him…give the bumper stickers to the babes in Christ…he went and had his car professionally lettered for the Lord…the only one in Romania to my knowledge…look at him and his gospel car in photo #6303. I wish the Lord would give some of these fanatics into our ministry…we could use the young zeal and fearlessness displayed by this fine young man. Praise the Lord for anyone who is unashamed of our Lord Jesus and especially for all those who are aggressive to make his faith and confidence known. Like his mentor, Jonathan of old, who knows how many others Mirci may inspire through his simple acts of faith and confidence. Please pray for Mirci to continue in his zeal as he grows in the grace of our Lord.

We confess to being slightly disappointed in the grand opening of our new church in Racos village but this week we had a decent crowd to preach to. We had 60 children and about 20 adults. Notice in photo 6304 I had some help with the music. This old preacher is old enough to be Bill Clinton's grampa but he has a good spirit and makes a joyful "noise" for our Lord that "adds" to the service. We encourage his participation and anyone else who wants to do anything right in the name of the Lord. Next week we have a group of 18 coming from USA. Joe Cammilleri, Chuck Zander and a slew of others will be helping us to evangelize and up the attendance in both Racos and Budila. Stay tuned and we will try to keep you informed. Pray for both these great efforts.


We had our first church-wide fellowship at Bro. Logan's home this past Saturday and all had a good time of fellowship…plenty of games and food…note photo # 6305.

We have another baptism scheduled for this Sunday afternoon…pray this can be just a bold a witness to the heathen around us as was our other two baptisms.

Pray for Robin and Mrs. Logan as they craft the overwhelming logistics involved in receiving 18 guests from the USA. We have 15 of these staying in our home…praise the Lord for good facilities…at times we may be feeding upwards to 45-50 as we all serve the Lord together…these are the times we remember only the blessings of…if you live long enough. Contact us…from the states 011-40-268-477-243…we are 7 hours ahead of EST www.streetpreaching.com

Bivouacking the reinforcement troops coming to the eastern front
Gerald Sutek And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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