SWAT REPORT # 60 07-10-06

Exodus 8:9Glory over me: when shall I intreat for thee,…
Exodus 8:10 And he said, To morrow.

There can be, neither should be any "To morrows" in the work of the Lord. He deserves our immediate "Yes Sir." He deserves our jump when He speaks. He should not have to shout nor speak His request twice…Truly His desire and whisper is our command.


The work progresses…photo #6003 shows the renovation began on the building in Racos village. Pastor Brent Logan inspires the work crew with a giant slam to the walls that must come down in order that we might have one large room for the assembly. Within hours our slave crew (photo # 6004) had these walls down and smoothed over. All that remains is some flooring and the announcement and then the ingathering from our labours over the past 15 months there in that village. The faithful in Racos as well as ourselves and our church in Brasov are truly anxious for this harvest. We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil and he is very much at work undermining the operation there but our God is able and willing and we will prevail. AMEN!!!!!!!

Photo # 6001 shows the great time we all had during the brief visit of Bro. Logan's Mom and Dad. Wyman and Caroline Logan are great examples of Christian servants as well as parents. Bro. Logan can trace back five generations of Baptist, Bible believing preachers in his goodly heritage. Praise the Lord. During this street meeting with all of the Logans Bro. Brent and Dan (his side kick) lead a lady to the Lord on a park bench. Praise the Lord. See Photo # 6002

The kids (copii in Romanian…one of few words I have learned) in Racos are terrific…Photo # 6005 shows all of them just wanting to be close to me as we have faithfully ministered to them for well over a year now. I am the one with the hat in the back…HA…I like them all…they come whether it rains, snows, hot or cold…they come whether they have sufficient clothes, nice clothes or no clothes…they are completely unpretentious and faithful…can't wait till we have the church to gather them into. Robin has her favorites though…little Andrea is something very special to all of us…notice photo # 6006…Andrea has a hole in her heart and her parents, Mihai (one of our Bible institute students, and Mary Anna) are praying for wisdom about what should be done.

You can sure put some prayer down on this…thanks

On the home front Mary Bethany has completed one year of study on the violin and her teacher Nico awarded her a certificate to that affect and a bouquet of flowers…Photo # 6007…Pray for Nico…he plays in the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra but does not yet know the Lord…great guy…just lost…we are working on him.

You can call us if you like by dialing 011-40-268-477-243 we are 7 hours ahead of EST…or you may email us…it is always an encouragement to hear from you that receive this report…and you can always pray for us…we love for anyone to do that for us.

Serving with joy in our hearts on the front line in the eastern front,
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM FOR CHRIST

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