SWAT REPORT # 59 06-26-06

1Ti 6:8 And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

2Co 11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.


We Americans have nearly forgotten the simple life but much of it still exists in the villages we try to minister in here in Romania. Certainly the simplicity of materialism is evident and the verse above about contentment with food and raiment is exercised here. Racos village actually is ahead of much of America in certain aspects…for instance notice photo # 5901…Fresh milk delivered to your door.

Poor children have to suffer without Saturday morning cartoons. They end up playing the games we all played 50 years ago…Photo #5902…and playing with simple toys…Photo # 5903…these kids are about to burst for the gospel of Jesus Christ…they were waiting for us to come and tell them a story from the Bible. The boy in photo #5904 carried his brother and held him most of the time for the Bible story… "He's not heavy…he's my brother."

I have functioned in many capacities in churches over the years…but I have never been a bus captain…WELL… looks like I got my chance…in Photo #5905 you will see 21 from Budila debussing my bus and into church this past Sunday morning…what a blessing. I am running now for president of the Womens Missionary Society…another office I have never held.

We have filed a formal complaint to the police in Brasov because of their continual harassment…notice Photo #5907…Daniel is preaching and once again here they come…thank God they always end up going away but sometimes it really gets tricky how handle them this time…we have every permit they have ever required (but according to the constitution we don't need any at all) and still they hassle us…In Photo # 5906…three of our home grown missies helping us with tracts on a street meeting…these are …from left to right…Alexandra, Bethany Ann Logan and Mary Bethany Sutek…

With the artificial light of the European Union beginning to shine over the border into Eastern Europe and beginning to steal the attention of the souls created by our Lord and thus diminish the harvest He deserves, we confess a measure of frustration and disappointment. But souls are still being saved in areas where the true light of the gospel is unhindered by materialism and the false promise of a better existence in this life. Dan led a 51 year old man to the Lord on the street meeting we showed in the photos. A 21 year old who rode the bus in the photos was giving assurance and made a rededication and we thank the Good Lord for being about to do some profitable gleaning in these last days…In Photo #5908 is a one of many beautiful scenes here…of a ripened Poppy field back dropped by the magnificent Transylvania Alps.

Thank you for the ammunition of your prayers as we serve on the front lines of the eastern front.

Gerald Sutek

And the SWAT TEAM for Christ

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