SWAT REPORT  # 56   05-18-06


Matthew 7:24  Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.

 In photo #5601 is shown a new foundation being built upon an old foundation in Racos village.  Oddly enough, the old foundation belonged to the family of Ramona who first introduced us to this village and gave us full liberty to preach on their property…they have all since bit the dust spiritually.  They have moved to a new house and have torn the old down but left the foundation.  This is where we gather the children for their weekly Saturday School.  I don’t know who is building the new foundation nor whether they have permission…it doesn’t matter…but we are attempting in this beautiful spring season (both calendar and spiritual) to build again a good foundation with the people of Racos.  Maybe coincidentally, this is the 8th month of our second year in Romania and every Bible student knows the number 8 is the number of new beginnings. 

In Photo #5602 it shows the children hearing the Word of God while some adults listen in the background…thus new foundations near or even upon the old in the lives of these people.  Some drift away and others gain interest. 

Soon, and very soon, we will have a nice building into which to gather these hungry souls.  Don’t worry, when that soon-coming-day comes we will let you know in all capital letters.

 Notice Photo #5603 and see if you can figure out what is going on……… I did this when I was a kid… before they came out with toys… I was walking up the hill to where we minister as mentioned above and saw all these kids rolling down the huge hill.  I got my camera out and they all stood up and posed for a photo but I told them… “No…keep rolling down the hill”… so they continued their fun.  Spring has sprung in Racos village… it has not been but 4 weeks when they were sledding down this same hill on whatever means of conveyance available.  Mihai, his daughter Mihaiella in hand, his sister in law Florica can be seen trekking up the same hill.


In photo #5604 you will see our record SS attendance last Sunday.  Some from Bodila, some from Racos, some from Brasov, and some from the good ole USA.  We also had a record attendance in church with a whopping 53… but my camera and the way the room is situated would not allow me to give you this image.  Photo #5605 shows Mary Bethany giving the first fruits of her piano talent to the Lord Jesus Christ on this past Sunday night service.  Bethany Ann Logan also prophesied (1 Chron. 25:1,3) on the piano this same night and Benjamin Logan will minister next Sunday night.  Praise the Lord for new beginnings and foundations and continual spring time in our ministry.


In photo #5606 you can see the women at the well…this is a center of activity in the village where they wash their clothes, food, kids, etc. as well as gather water for every necessity.  We speak a word for the Lord to these gathered.

In photo #5607 is an Orthodox priest of 11 years who came to our service as a result of our street meeting and invitation.   He walked nearly 2 miles and sat through the whole service.  He was witnessed to thoroughly and promised to consider all… but it is hard for us to conceive how very revolutionary the Lord’s ways are to the lifetime constancy of this man’s religion… Nicodemus may not have made a decision upon the first encounter.

 We are all well, happy and excited to be in the spring of things for the Lord here on the eastern front in Romania.

 Gerald Sutek
SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:1

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