SWAT REPORT # 52    03-27-06


Rom 10:2  For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

Bible Institute is beginning to form into a body.  When you take seven men varying in age from 67 to 22, some saved 14 years, some 4 months; some with families and jobs and some single; some with workable education and some dropouts from 7th grade, and try to mold them into a platoon for the Lord; equipped and moving in the same direction, it might take some time.  In Photo # 5206 they are seen taking their first test.  For some of them this is their first test of any kind in many years, and for one…decades.  The test covered survey teaching of the Gospels and I am glad to report they all made an 85 or above.  Praise the Lord…Now, to keep them from puffing up they become zealous to share that knowledge…in photo #5201 Daniel drives the point of the gospel into two sinner’s hearts.  In Photo #5202 Dorin is pushing his faith into hand and heart…In photo #5204 Mihai jumps in to help Daniel convince these unsaved men…In photo #5209 Daniel is found again with a resistant who visited the church…In photo #5208 both Ishtvan and Dan deal with visiting men after the AM service.  These are all Bible institute students whom the Lord is using…Finally Bro. Logan inducts Peter into the ministry by requesting him to lead in open air prayer in Racos village in photo #5207.   2Ti 2:2   And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.

A good percentage of our people participate in our street meetings.   They can’t all come every time.  In photo #5205 I thought I would throw in some beauty…Mary Bethany is flanked by two sisters her age in the church.  We treated some of the young people to pizza after they all were zealous tract distributors in a street meeting just minutes before.  The sisters are named Ana Maria, on the left and Alexandra.

Spring is coming but it is still mixed up with left over winter.  Our folks are talking about a church picnic and we are looking to schedule another baptism in the river.  Groups are lining up to come and minister with us this spring and summer.  The first comes from an American missionary’s church in Dublin, Ireland.  Bro. Jerome Pittman will bring 14 from his church on their first missions trip.  They are quite excited and we are equally excited to have them come.


The prospective church building in Racos is bogged down in left-over communist bureaucratic paper work and the purchase will be delayed for about another month…if you think you are anxious to hear about the first service…think how eager we are.  In mid-April will be our first anniversary of the  ministry in Racos village.  Many of you will remember that report where MANY dropped to their knees and were saved…photos still on the website.  


Back in the late 90s I made a 15 minute video of an accordion lesson.  It became a best seller (really give away because we don’t sell things…but we did support missions through the money generated) and now we are working to make that available via our website…will keep you posted. 

Looking to be transferred permanently NORTH from the east very soon
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
Amos 5:10, 2 Tim. 1:8

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