SWAT REPORT # 50    03-06-06


Photo # 5006 Proudly displays the beginning class.  Pray these seven will finish and use the knowledge imparted to them for the Lord.  They are …in the front row from L to R…Mihai and Dan…second row Peter (the saint) and Istvan…third row Peter (the young), Dorin and Daniel.   Everything went very well the first day and it all has the promise of success for the Lord.


In photo # 5001…Peter (the saint) is seen praying with holy hands lifted.  He is a fine fellow and probably really loves the Lord but cannot make it every service because he raises pigeons and must attend to all the pigeon conventions.  To his left is Jacob (the sinner).  Jacob (pronounced Yacob is our token drunk.  He pays attention to preaching as much or more than anyone else and verbalizes his agreements to the messages with “Amens” and nodding of his head…even when the messages condemn drinking.  He smells very bad and no one enjoys sitting close to him but he is our drunk…he has been drunk for so many years he just can’t seem to get the victory.  Pray for Jacob the sinner

In Photo # 5002 we see four of our juvenile sinner/saints…Monica and next to her is Bro. Logan’s little girl Lydia…the boys are Paul and Solomon…they are cousins and are my best “Ameners.”  

Photo # 5003 shows some of our gypsies ladies…Adella 12, Anna (a very young mother)…Andrea 4…Alexandra 12 (she is Daniel’s daughter and is not a gypsy)…Mariana (Andrea’s mother)…Florica and her daughter Monica.

Photo # 5004 is of a fine young couple…Ann and Peter.  Ann was saved in our big campaign held in the Dramatic Theater last summer and Peter is in our Bible Institute.

Photo # 5005 is a better view of Alexandra, Anna, Adella and finally Vali who is our interpreter…Vali is borrowed from a sister church.  Everybody loves Vali. 

Photo # 5007 shows Daniel (bold as a lion) giving his testimony in the service for the Hungarians in Racos village last week.   Daniel is a single parent praying for the return of his wife from Italy. 

We were hoping for an early spring but it is presently snowing.  It is already nearly two inches and coming on strong.   Just washed the car yesterday…Oh Well…spring will be here when the Lord sends it.

All of these people look better live so come and see them for yourself.

Serving while waiting for the King on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
From the states 011-40-268-477-243

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