SWAT REPORT # 48   02-13-06


Isn’t it something that the world can pass right on by the greatest transaction and transformation in any human’s life and not even notice.

In Photo #4801 you can see the world going about their busy-ness while something unusual is happening in the midst of them… “what…what is that…oh…probably someone is sick or drunk…I, like the Levite will pass by quickly.”  In Photo #4802 we can zoom in on the Lord at work in an old man’s heart.  He too was just passing by from another big city…but he was stopped by the peculiar activity of a street preaching.  He was dealt with by Bro. Logan and Istvan (one of our men), knelt in the snow and 20 degree weather, and was changed into a new creature in Christ.  This is the activity of the Lord in the midst of a very BUSY WORLD.


Here is another busy activity in the midst of a small village…photo #4803.  What is going on…well let us zoom in with photo #4804…they are selling grain for both animals and humans.  This is the corn dealer who travels through the villages and does a very handsome business.   But like all temporal things this bread will leave the buyers hungry again.   So we stop and give them some bread that will last for eternity…every Word of God.


In Photo #4805 you can see me framed by two of the sweetest little ones in our ministry.  These are two gypsy girls whose parents are part of our ministry both in Racos and in Brasov.  The one on the left is Monica and the other is Andrea.  These make the ministry very sweet here.


Please pray…we are very close to obtaining a suitable building for our new church in Racos village.  The available money and the price still have a little coming together though.  If the Lord gives us what we want we will very quickly be able to have a nice building which will accommodate up to 100 people right in the middle of two very diverse cultures.  We have every promise of bringing them together in Christ.  Both communities have made verbal commitments, which would fill this building instantly.  If anyone wants more details on this they can write or call either myself or Bro. Brent Logan.  Another young lady of 18 was saved in Racos  this past Saturday and she rode the train to Brasov Sunday morning to be with us in service at our church.


The next phase of our ministry is about to begin.  We are geared up and on schedule for the Bible institute to commence and train our men and whomever else wants in for the ministry of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We have several men committed from our church for this first semester and everyone is very eager to start.

Call us sometime …from the states 011-40-268-477-243

Winning and training soldiers on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
2 Tim. 2:2, Amos 5:10

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