SWAT REPORT # 47   02-06-06


We are convinced that the people that the Lord has allowed us to touch with the message of the Lord are worthy of and willing to commit to their very own local church in Racos village.  When the children (copii) hear the PA and the accordion announcing the gathering on the side of their hill they come a runnin…regardless of the cold, snow, or wind.  Notice in Photo # 4701 Dan is playing the part of a soldier of the Lord and teaching them some army songs…one little one in Photo # 4702 was physically shivering and shaking from the cold until one of our ladies fastened his coat.  These kids would love Sunday School inside a warm building.  We are presently looking for one.

Second Coming of our Pastor

It was soooooooo  good to have our Pastor Brent Logan returned to us safe and sound from his brief journey to the USA.   He was handsomely welcomed in Photo # 4704 by about 25 adults crowded into a small home offered for our use on the Hungarian side.  Please excuse the amateur photography and the lack of a wide angle lens…just enjoy the story and the photo.   He challenged these folk in Racos to do their part financially in finding property for a church in their community.  Bro. Logan told them that folks in America had given sacrificially for this project and that our church in Brasov was giving toward this effort and they needed to do their part.  These souls have been faithful every week for nine months regardless of the weather…we have only met inside this home three times…the rest has been in the open in front of this home.  This home is owned by Mihai and his wife…they are in the doorway on the right side.  They have given much hospitality to the church here in their village. 


Photo # 4703 captures some of our kids in Racos during their winter Rec. time.  Some have second hand skates and sleds and most use the sole of the shoe for skates and a large plastic jug like a gas container for a sled…it really works great and cushions your bottom better than a Western Flyer.  


We have several special music groups in our church so we give them names…nic names…like “The Plumbers Family” this is Istvan’s family because he is a plumber… “The Racos Gang” because they are from Racos… “The Ugly Guys Quartet”…because they are…well you know… “The Hungarian Sisters Trio” …because…oh, you can figure it out.  Here in Photo # 4705 is featured “The Single Ladies Ensemble” because………

From Left to Right is Bethany Ann Logan, Mary Bethany Sutek, Anna Marie, Alexandra, Naomi and Rebecca…this group has a WONDERFUL singing ministry in their youth.

We had two young people saved in our AM service last Sunday. Praise the Lord

We had 45 in our AM service on a cold, snowy day this past Sunday. Praise the Lord

Bible institute soon to begin. Praise the Lord

 Fighting a winning war on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
From the states 011-40-268-477-243

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