SWAT REPORT # 45   01-09-06

 (Rev 21:22 KJV)  And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.

As we were singing “Victory in Jesus” yesterday in church the it occurred to me as we sang about the streets of gold that folks who minister on the streets on this earth will feel very comfortable ministering praise to the Lord in heaven because they are used to doing it on the streets here.  I am very glad the Lord mentioned that there are streets in heaven…it assures me of a continued ministry there.  But for those who have to have a church around them in order to feel comfortable enough to worship and praise the Lord, these may be uncomfortable in heaven, at least for a while, because there is no temple there.  If you are going to worship and praise the Lord in heaven it looks like you are going to have to do it in public…in front of everybody…maybe it would be well for all folks to get used to that.


Our folks were able to celebrate the establishment of our church for one year this past Sunday.  I showed some photos of that memorable day.  We had about 30 in attendance with a large percent being children from the villages nearby.  We served them a great feast that day.  This year we had 6 adults still present from the first day and a great increase in adult regular attendance. We had two adults trust the Lord as their Saviour on Sunday morning.   We had some good testimonies Sunday night reflecting much strength and unity within our church.  A very large percentage of our people are active in the public ministry of our church and nearly every man is a street preacher. 


I taught the kids in Racos village this past Saturday about David’s Mighty Men.  I told them how tough these guys were but also that they were not ashamed to sing and worship the Lord.  For instance, Benaiah was the toughest of the tough and yet he sang in Asaph’s choir.  I told them how these men loved David and would do anything for him.  Why? Because he was like the Lord Jesus Christ…1 Sam. 22:1-3.  I acted out some of the mighty deeds of the mighty men.  First I was Adino and killed 800 men in one battle… “It must have taken all day”…Then I was Eleazar who fought so long his hand clave to the sword=Word of God.  Then I was the three guys who broke through the enemy ranks to get their king a cup of water from the well of Bethlehem…then I was Benaiah before two lionlike men…I roared ferociously and towered over the kids…and lost some of my audience…then I, as Benaiah, slew the Egyptian (Istvan was the Egyptian giant and he even scared me) with his own sword…the photos attached will show this sequence with photos 4501,4502,4503,4504. Notice the expressions on the kids and adults looking on. There was a video of this whole thing that is hilarious…I wish I could send that to you.  We did the same thing with the kids in our SS the next morning to their great delight.


It is consistently well below freezing with constant snow.  It will probably get much worse in weeks to come yet we are running full till in our ministry here both publickly and in the church. 

Thanks for your support both in prayer and finance…Come see us this year.

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Fighting through the cold winter on the eastern front.

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.

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