SWAT REPORT   # 40   11-14-05


 (Neh 4:9 KJV)   Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and set a watch against them day and night, because of them.

 (Neh 4:17 KJV)  They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.

The enemy’s supply of distractions never seems to be in want.  Nehemiah’s job of getting the wall built for the Lord was made more difficult by distractions.  For many years I fought against the distractions in the western world…apathy, materialism, no one at home on visitation because they are all working to get more stuff.  In Eastern Europe the enemy supplies you with another set of distractions.  I thought you might be interested in hearing and seeing some of them.


While Ishtvan is preaching a little boy leads a donkey between him and the crowd of sixty listening… In all my years preaching in the western world… this never happened.


At this point the preacher said he was going to pray and would anyone like to join him…fifty out of the sixty got on their knees in the dirt and joined him.  How many do you think would do this with you in NYC, SF, LA, LV, PHILLY, OR DC?

It is hard to keep your concentration when people actually respond to a spiritual challenge.  If you did this is Detroit they would arrest you for drunkenness or leave you for dead…or leave you dead.


These gates had a huge padlock on them and no tract slot (also used for mail) so I had to put the tract in a crack in the gate.   The materialism-drunk society of the west think that they have come up with something new with private gated communities…nawww they have been around for decades.


See the slot in the door…that is for the owner to receive tracts, also mail.  But they didn’t make it big enough…this is not the worst…and the slot goes directly in from the outside then drops…they all do this…I pity the mail man…it is a near impossibility to get a single Fellowship Tract League tract inside one of these.  Everyone of  the tracts stick half way in…or the inside of the slot is still rough wood and they get stuck on that…it is nerve racking to get one tract all the way in….. DISTRACTIONS… THIS IS A MAJOR ONE FOR ME. 


Every house has a dog, two dogs, many dogs…on the roof as in #40 or at the gate as in #45.  They are a constant distraction but necessary in this culture.


You come to the end of the driving road…ahhhhh…that is all the houses right….WRONG.  In photo 38 there is a long stairway…don’t stop at the green door and go home…OH NO…look at photo 39 there is a whole community up those stairs that cannot be reached except by foot.  I can hardly believe the mailman actually goes up this mountain…but if they do…so can I.   All the way up the side of the mountain.


A person fills out a card at a special meeting and you have to find them…GOOD LUCK…so you set aside a couple of hours in hopes of getting maybe 20 of these cards worked off.  The first one gives a street address of #40…so you find the street and the numbers begin to decrease from 150…you watch carefully as you see 70…but then the blocks begin…Oh No…these are huge apartment blocks built by the commies in the 60s…they are all over the city…and they do not go along with the street address system…for instance…the first block says “ Nr. 56 Block 34”…the next one says “ Nr. 62 Block 24”   the next says “Nr. 22 Block 14”…and so we get out and walk among the blocks asking locals in vain because even they don’t know where a certain block is.    We finally find Nr. 40…but the list on the outside of the residents inside does not list our hiding person…but don’t give up…this is only entrance A.  So we walk around the block and check the list at entrance B…C…and finally our hiding person is listed at entrance D.  We buzz and explain our reason for calling…we are buzzed into the front door…up the steps…the lady greets us…but it is her husband we are looking for…he is not home…he is working…she knows nothing at all about this card or our visit…so we leave information and start for the next hiding person.

How does the servant of the Lord overcome these distractions…just like Nehemiah…you hold your weapon in one hand and do what you are able with the other…and we are getting something done…despite the distractions

Wonderful Sunday, 11/13     We had 50 in SS and 52 in morning service and a tremendous evening service…praise our Great Redeemer.

Several have complained to me about not receiving these reports…if your name was dropped it was purely an accident…I have no way of knowing if everyone receives these…let me know if you go two weeks without receiving one… also, they are all archived on the website www.streetpreaching.com

Call us sometime…from the states…011-40-268-477-243

Fighting the enemy and freeing the hostages on the eastern Front,
Gerald Sutek…and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Acts 5:42,   2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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