SWAT REPORT # 38 10-14-05

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*Of course there is not news media in Dopka (see photo # 5132) but they
certainly should have been called. What was “/the happenen” /that
attracted to much attention? Well, we were just driving along, minding
the Lord’s business, on our way to our weekly visit to Racos. We decided
to pass out gospels of John/Romans as we passed through the villages. I
opened the side door of the van and all the windows and we announced our
intentions via the megaphone as we entered the village. (See photo #
5133) Folks came out in droves from their houses and fields to gladly
receive a copy of God’s Word. As we were doing this in Dopka, Istvan,
who is one of our preachers, passed some to a crowd of men as they
gathered from their labors in the early afternoon. We drove on a short
distance when Istvan asked if we could stop and have a brief street
meeting with those men. Whenever I hear a request for another street
meeting the Lord and I are both thrilled. So I slammed on the brakes. He
quickly retraced his steps to the crowd and in no time had their
attention. (See photo # 5121 and notice the neat Charlie Chaplin hat.
For a price I will export you one. Istvan has his back to you with a
blue plaid shirt). Istvan speaks Romanian, Hungarian, and fairly good
English. He and his son Ruben are our main preachers on the Hungarian
side of Racos. Istvan’s testimony concerning publick ministry will be
included in this report. Don’t miss out on this. *

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*Meanwhile, back in Dopka, Istvan very quickly separated the hecklers
from the inquirers and began to minister. Just like it was rehearsed,
Dan and Ruben occupied the hecklers who were shooting non-sensical
questions through their liquor. Some other wagons stop to see the main
activity in town. (See photo # 5123) and we are busy passing the
gospels. A bunica (gramma) proudly displays her gospel in photo # 5124.
Then the town drunk shows up and she tries to minister to him in photo #
5125. *

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*Istvan reported that a good many men were serious inquirers and would
probably get saved. They asked the right questions and were very
interested. The six of us piled back into the van and continued on
ministering on our way to Racos. We were all thrilled with the
reception…who wouldn’t be.*

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*Although Istvan is with our ministry, he is not a product of our
ministry except to train him further since we have come. He has been
saved for about 14 years…he is 37 years old, has a wife, Maria, and two
sons, Ruben and Solomon and a daughter Naomi. They are all a very
integral part of our ministry. He has written a testimonial concerning
what publick ministry does for him and I chose to include it, unedited,
with this report. Please read it and thereby honor him.*

* *

Dear brothers and all of you that are reading these words:

I would like to reveal in a few words all that street preaching means to
me and the blessings that are occurring from it, when I practice it. In
the Bible, the Lord is giving us different instructions about family,
how to walk in church, about what is pleasing and not pleasing for the
Lord about his ways for a life of victory, self denying etc. but one of
the major things that are given unto us in the scriptures is for the
Church of Christ to get out in the world and sow the Word (Mark 16:15)

First of all when I am on the street with the brothers and preaching the
Word of God I feel fulfilled as a Christian, knowing that I am doing His
will, makes me feel like a fish in the water, I am in my element. It’s
like somebody feels comfortable with his job because he knows that what
he is doing is very important for others. Street preaching helps me to
remain in a permanent awakening in my relation with God and in the same
time in my relations with the lost person and the responsibility that I
have for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and my full involvement in
it. My job is and should be, first of all the reconcilement of the
sinner with the Heavenly Father.

When I am on the street, the attention of the passing-by persons is upon
me and all my being must reflect trust, peace, hope and maybe even the
rebuke of God. Anytime I’ve been street preaching my spiritual mood gets
better, my thinking regarding the work of God becomes better. The
revelations of His Word were cleared, the Lord gives me victory against
the spirit of fear and surely that I desire more to walk and to remain
in the light of God

Even when I [must] work I remain in a constant preparing and I pray for
those on the street and especially for those that I am preaching to.

When I am on the street I get more united with the brothers, we are
responsible one for another, and we become like a small army of Gideon.

My personal opinion is that every saved man should be a street preacher
because the Lord gave him something very important for him and for
others and that is salvation (Mt. 5:14, Ezek. 22:30, Ezek. 33:7,8,9)

I would like to end showing my joy that I have because of the fact that
God in His goodness gave me and to all the church that I am a part of;
elders like brother Gerald Sutek and Brother Brent Logan, that are not
just sustaining us spiritually in the publick ministry, but with zeal
they are instructing us and they are giving us a personal example how to
do it as efficient as possible in the authority and guidance of the Holy


With love in the Lord Jesus

An Unworthy Servant
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