SWAT REPORT  # 36    09-20-05

(2 Cor 10:16 KJV) To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and
not to boast in another man's line of things made ready to our hand.
* *
* *
*God bless every servant of the Lord who is willing to go and preach the
gospel not only in their Jerusalem but also in the regions beyond…and
how thankful we are to be able to serve with them and host them. *
* *
*Twenty brave, hard working servants just left our country (Romania)
heading back to their Jerusalem having sown much seed, planted, watered,
and even reaped some of the harvest in the regions beyond them. They
came from Joel Logan’s (Brent Logan’s brother) church in Ardmore, AL.
and will arrive back after a grueling 10 hour flight. Seven of them
stayed in our home bringing the summer visitor total to 40. WHAT A
* *
* *
*We all evangelized together in three villages, Harmon, Tarlungeni, and
Racos…going into the streets preaching, passing flyers and tracts, doing
personal work, announcing (via a new “truth” horn) the meeting to be
held in the local community center. See photo # 5041.*
*This photo shows a gypsy community we drove into and started playing
the accordion, singing, preaching, and announcing…the response was
overwhelming…you would have to experience this to realize the joy within
your soul when these people positively respond to this spiritual
outreach. In photo # 5046 we simply drove up to a public housing block
and began again…notice heads popping out of windows and folks coming to
the entrances and children coming close to see what is going on. This is
so much fun…keep your golf, fishing and chess…I’ll take this
re-creational activity any day of the week.*
* *
* *
*A good response at the community center for great preaching of the
gospel (see photo # 5047) and personal work and……………to reap the
harvest…see photo # 5067. This man very happily announced that he was
“SAVED”…Dan and Mihai picking this fruit. Many others were saved and the
follow-up will keep the winter warm here.*
* *
*Thanks to many of you, the van was a tremendous blessing, carrying as
many as 17 soldiers to the front lines of the eastern front. That’s
right 17 in a 9 passenger van…I told you we needed a big van. *
* *
* *
*Our church folk outdid themselves in helping with every aspect of this
great venture for the Lord. They also enjoyed a tremendous Sunday
worshipping together with the Americans and several first time visitors.
A young lady came from our street meeting in Brasov and was gloriously
led to the Lord by two of the young ladies from America…and a young man
visiting from Racos was saved in our morning service.*
* *
* *
*Our hearts are full though our bodies are tired from the service of the
Lord. Everyone is quite healthy and we are all very thankful for the
faithful support of our friends back home in the good ole USA. *
* *
*Be sure and spread these reports around and encourage others to get
added to the list to receive them. Call us anytime (from the USA
011-40-268-477-243) *
* *
*Eager for the next offensive on the eastern front*
* *
*Gerald Sutek*
*And the SWAT TEAM for Christ*
* *
*2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10*

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