SWAT REPORT  # 35    09-13-05


The past several months have been delightful days serving the Lord…We have been going to Racos village every Saturday now for the past seven months…standing on a hillside in the sunshine and ministering to kids and adults…it only rained us out one time in all those months…this past Saturday was no exception…the photo shows Brother Logan ministering via interpreter to the many children gathered in front of him.  Robin (my wife) is on the right side of the photo # 5026.  I am not in many of these photos simply because I am the photographer…I preach very often under these same circumstances and I must admit it is very enjoyable.  With winter not far off…we are praying hard for indoor facilities in which we may minister to these faithful folk through the extreme cold.  Please pray with us about this. 

Two of our gypsy ladies are in this photo # 5027 who attend our church every Sunday are singing a special in their own village before these children…what a blessing to see these very young Christians grow and want to serve with you…the lady on the left is Mary Ana…and she and here oldest daughter Andrea (see photo # 5024…Andrea is on the far right) are both precious to our church…they both have a hole in their heart and need surgery right away…this is not easy to get done over here but we are working with them to try to get this accomplished soon…the husband Mihai is also fruit of our ministry and he and his wife were baptized back in June…pray that Mihai can find regular work…it is very hard for a gypsy who does not read well to find work.


In photo # 5030 is the village hotshot…simply because he has a pair of roller blades…funny…he is standing in the dirt…because there is no paved place to roller blade within 10 miles…he don’t care…he is still the hotshot…


On the surface it would appear these folk have access to “religion”…and they do…there is plenty of religion…even in Racos…but religion and truth have antagonists for many millennium…in photo # 5000…Bro. Logan was confronted by a Pentecostal preacher… “Why are you trying to start a church in Racos…we already have a church here”…Bro. Logan asked him what he had read or learned in his Bible today…he chose not to respond to that but rather wanted to tell of his experience of seeing the devil recently…he judges the Bible by his experience rather than the other way around…Sin always complicates life.


Tonight there is a group of 20 Americans coming from Joel Logan’s church in Alabama…they came to work for the Lord and we aim to give them opportunity…tomorrow we will all work in a village named Harmon…passing announcements…maybe preaching…doing personal work…setting up for the service we will have tomorrow night there with Bible giveaway and special music and lots of preaching…Thursday we will do the same in Tarlingin…another village on the opposite side of Brasov…then there is good ole Brasov…which will hear from this group quite a bit in the next few days…lots of work…thank God for some fresh troops…always a joy to be host to the servants of our great King…

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