SWAT REPORT  # 32    8-11-05


A very capable ministry group from Bro. James Knox church in FL. joined us on our trip to Racos this Saturday…we did some door to door…or rather hovel to hovel visiting and it made an increase in our attendance…several were saved through personal work and the gospel was preached.  I was able to counsel the parents of a young lady who was saved in our church in Brasov…they had been saved but had no victory over habits…I prayed with them in photo # 4855.  Many of you have requested that we send more photos of our family doing the work so notice Photo # 4846.   We are on visitation and all these kids wanted their picture taken with us.   In photo # 4859 we are ministering in Robin’s SS class…we are circled in yellow and Andrew is in between Robin and myself. 

Bro. Logan preached hard in Racos on adultery and all that goes along with it and the men shook their heads in agreement.  This sin is very prevalent here.  After he preached we tried to give the kids balloon animals and candy but the parents were so jealous and covetous that it nearly resulted in chaos…we had to break it off and a lot of parent’s covetousness became very evident…I suppose we will be preaching on covetousness this week.  Our gypsy families who live there and come to our church in Brasov have been threatened and have suffered (at least verbally) because of their association with us…also one of our good men in the church, Dan, was beaten pretty severely by a relative for simply telling him the truth of the gospel…Dan immediately came and joined us in a street meeting and preached on the street with a fat lip and black eye…he was a real inspiration to us all.


 Things are getting hot in many directions here…we had a showdown with the police this week during our street meeting…we came to some agreement but they certainly do not like us and plan to continue to harass us…it’s not like America when you can claim police harassment or sue the city…this is a different sport altogether. 

 All is well in the church…folks saved every week either in the church or as a result of the street meetings and visitation…our health is quite good…weather is very moderate…


This may be the last time I will mention the van because we are about to acquire the perfect van for our ministry…A missionary here in Romania is leaving the field and only wants to clear his debt on this van…there are so many pluses to this deal it would be difficult to mention them all…it is a 2001 Ford Transit, 9 passenger, long bed, high top, van in mint condition…these usually would run above 14,000 euros which would be about $16,500.  He is selling it to us for $10,000 …not euros…dollars…we will have it within a couple of weeks and we are so happy about this and thankful…there is only one wrinkle in this whole deal…………………we only have $8,000 dollars in our van fund…please pray that the whole amount can be supplied within the next few days…thanks to all who have given and even sacrificed to help us in this venture…if anyone wants to help out at the last minute…they can make the check out to WFTW Baptist missions and designate it to the Romanian Van Fund for Sutek…and mail it to WFTW Baptist Mission…PO Box 849 Rossville, GA 30741…or you could call Rudy Stembridge at 706-866-8826 and tell him “the check is in the mail” and that way we can proceed with this transaction…thanks again for all the help…come see us and we will give you a ride in the Lord’s van.

 Thrilled to be serving in a hot spot for the Lord on the eastern front

 Gerald Sutek

And the SWAT TEAM for Christ

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