SWAT REPORT    # 27   06-27-05

(Rom 15:20 KJV)  Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's foundation:

Racos village is not exactly a place where Christ was not named…they have heard of Christ…just not the saving-by-grace-through-faith Christ of the Bible.  We sure have enjoyed ministering there. The photo of  Nicolai’s family in the attached is three generations who have been affected by our preaching the gospel in this place. sr27-1.jpg (101182 bytes) Most of the adults here have been saved as a direct result of our ministry in Racos.  They ride the train two hours one way to come to our church in Brasov.  Pray with us about the desperate need to find a building or land to start a church right there in their community…we believe in local church…AMEN???  We have held services in two different locations in this village every Saturday (we are not going 7th day on you) now for several months with up to 50 or more in each location standing in the hot sun listening to the preaching of the Word of God.  We play the accordion and sing in the wide spot in the path until the folk gather and then hold service…we do everything except take up an offering…the plate may not come back…just joking.  This is one of the ministries for which we desperately need the van.


sr27-2.jpg (88144 bytes)This Photo shows Dan, one of our Romanian preacher boys holding service in one of the locations…there are folks behind him, down the hill, off to each side and behind me who are sitting/standing and listening.   Dan has a true heart for the Lord and the things of the Lord…aside from being a bit long-winded he is one of our finest preacher boys. 

We had a heckler come to this service and made a bold attempt to disrupt.  He had a huge, hairy chest and belly that he proudly displayed via his unbuttoned shirt.  Bro. Logan very deftly took his hand and lead him away from the area of ministry and dealt with him during the preaching…from his size he could have become a physical problem but he was benign.  I tried to get a photo of him but kids jumped up in the way…kids just love my digital camera…I take their photo and they can see it right away…I have to be careful or they will be all over me.


sr27-3.jpg (83690 bytes)This Photo shows something new has been added.  Kayla Davis (19) visiting from Bro. Logan’s former church gathered the children (about 50) for a Bible lesson…it really went well…she taught about Joseph and this may very well have been an introduction to Bible stories for some of these children.  We have another interpreter named Tavy.  He is 16 and does quite well in his English…he is a fine young man who shows great promise.  He interpreted for her as he does for several other events for the church.  I am teaching him to lead the children’s music for SS on Sunday morning…he is coming along great…you can see him standing next to Kayla but unfortunately he has his head lowered. 

Please pray for a gigantic meeting we are helping Bro. Logan with next month.  Many from his former church will come to help.  We have rented the largest auditorium in Brasov, seats 800…and are advertising in the newspaper, radio, handbills, banner and sandwich sign…lots of money and lots of effort to get the gospel to these folk in Brasov and surrounding area.   We are very happy to be used of the Lord to bring the truth of the Bible and the gospel to this part of Romania.

Mary is growing in spiritual areas…she really enjoys going to Racos with me and singing for the people gathered there and ministering any way that she is able…thank the Good Lord for a daughter interested in spiritual matters. 

Please keep in touch with us…we love to hear from all of you

Making up the hedge on the eastern front

Gerald Sutek

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