SWAT REPORT # 25   06-07-05


Mt. 4:19  “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

fishing...Look at this photo…WHATEVER IS HE DOING…He is fishing with his bare hands…this is common practice in Racos village.  This man is named Mihai and he is one of the men we caught in the gospel net we threw in at Racos…he, his wife (Maria), his brother (Angil) and his wife (Florica, she had already been saved) have been saved and are in our church.  They have come faithfully for about 5 Sundays now bringing some of their children and sundry relatives. 


They brought Angil and Mihai’s father (Nicolae, see photo) Nicolaeand their niece this week and both received the Lord as their Saviour after considerable personal counseling.  We had another young lady of 17 visiting from Racos this week and she also was wonderfully saved (see photo,  which is both of these young ladies) this past Sunday morning.  What a Sunday it was with about 44 in attendance and three souls saved…Praise the Lord for good fishing.  It was so good this Sunday that we soon forget about the large window in the front of our church building which was shattered when we showed up for church.  Don’t know what happened but we do know there are lots of folk around there that don’t care for us and have threatened us.  Praise the Lord

both of these young ladies


We have gone to some lengths to satisfy the requests of the authorities in the area of permission to hold publick meetings.   Although the constitution states clearly that we can legally do what we do at least twice a week in Brasov…the local authorities still require that we get a permit monthly from the mayor’s office stating exactly what we are doing.  We have a current permit with us each and every time we hold a meeting but the police still check us.  Some of these police know us quite well…still they read every word of the permit like it was the first time they had ever seen it.  We told them, in proper words of course, to bug off and leave us\ alone but they still check us and cause a scene on the square.  This scene serves both as an attraction to our meeting but a distraction to the message of the gospel.  Talking to our language teacher we mentioned this and she said she saw another group holding a similar meeting on the square and the police came and they simply gave him 50,000 lei (about $1.50) and he went away.   Well, I have to confess to being “I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.” Rom. 16:19…It NEVER occurred to me that the police were looking for a BRIBE…WELL, THEY CAN JUST KEEP LOOKING…we do not intend to play into that evil. 

When we went the square to hold our publick meeting this week we had to contend with the Falon Gong.  This is a new religious group from China.  It is just a cheap imitation of Hindu but they have become popular in China and they made world news when China kicked them out and made their religion illegal.  There were only about 6 of them on the square. Some passed out their tracts while others were standing, sitting (lotus position) and exercising their religion with various yoga distortions while facing the sun.  We set up about 30 yards away from this spectacle and began to preach, all the while exposing this blasphemy.    Some were pretending to meditate which suited me fine…they had to sit still and listen to a scathing exposure of the falsity of their cult and at the same time hear the truths of God burned into the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The funny thing about this was that they all wore bright yellow T shirts with Falon Gong on the back…unbeknown to us of course…Mary just happened to wear a bright yellow T shirt to the street meeting which matched theirs perfectly…we just kept her in the background…not really…what’s the chaff to the wheat. 

Serving with you but on the eastern front,
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ