SWAT REPORT # 22    (see photo below)

Spring has sprung in Romania but with it comes much rain… roads are rivers… rivers are torrents… villages are flooded… and potholes are invisible.  We were prohibited from ministering in Racos village this week, but Sunday dawned a bright and shining, hopeful day and two families traveled two hours by train from Racos to be in our services.  No, you don’t quite understand… these families are poor… when I say poor… I mean POOR… they have NOTHING… these are truly wonderful, clean folk but…there simply is no way to make any income…they do not read (as yet; we hope to help them with this) and living conditions are near impossible.  Yet, they made a great effort to come into Brasov and attend ALL of the services of our church.   One man and his wife were very eager to be saved and quickly made that commitment following the service.  Pastor Logan and one of our Romanian-speaking men led the man to the Lord and Robin and another Romanian-speaking lady led his wife to the Lord. .   Another family visited from Rashnov.  This is a small town on the other side of the mountain from us.  This family, consisting of father, mother and eight year old son, hitch-hiked to our church for Sunday AM service waiting by the side of the road   55 minutes for a ride.  If you missed church this week…I hope you had a good excuse? What a wonderful service we had for a record attendance of 48 in SS and 43 in morning service.  Somebody please phone Sword of the Lord and tell them we are the fastest growing, Bible believing Baptist church on the northwest side of Brasov, Romania.   What blessings our great Lord has bestowed upon this very young ministry.

Before we came to Romania, my family prayed for a house that would be accommodating for both church fellowships as well as housing for many who may visit the field.  The Lord has truly given this house to us and we have in turn given it back to Him.  On Friday nights at 5:30 PM each week we have a church-wide Bible study and eat-in fellowship.  This has become one of the highlights of our weekly church calendar and everyone looks forward with great anticipation to their participation.  My pastor, Hank Thompson, was my example here.  Years ago his church, although they had very adequate facilities at the church building, would have a weekly Bible study in the home of one of the members.  It seemed kinda silly to jam all those people into a private house, park all over the neighbor’s lawns, haul in folding chairs and tables, but he insisted that it had great value…he was right.  We had 28 in our home this past Friday PM for a complete meal both physically and spiritually.  A great time was had by all.  I don’t want to have ANYTHING I would be hesitant to use for the Lord…especially after I asked Him for it.  The photo attached shows only one corner of our living room crowded with folk for the fellowship…I don’t have a wide-angle lense.
in our living room
We continue to pray for a van to haul most of these people to both worship and serve our great Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Serving with you, but on the eastern front

Gerald Sutek