This report consists of a story of a young man, some of you have read of before named Andrew (second Andrew).  He has become an invaluable asset to both the church as well as to me.   He is our chief translator in the church and has grown like a fertilized weed in the Lord.  I led him to the Lord Dec. 1 of 2004.  The story below is left just like he wrote it.  On this day, veteran missionary and long time friend Tom Gentry brought 14 zealous young people from his ministry to experience a street meeting.   This was their first experience at this but will not be their last.  Anyone who knows me knows how I relish introducing young people to the publick ministry.   Enjoy this report and write back and encourage Andrew.  He listed his email address at the end of his story.  His picture  as attached is of Him translating   for Bro. Logan on another street meeting.  You may hear him in a brief video recording on the opening page of my website. www.streetpreaching.com   Better yet give us a call at 011-40-268-477-243 but remember we are SEVEN HOURS AHEAD OF EASTERN STANDARD TIME...

Serving with you but on a foreign field
Gerald Sutek

Joy, joy, joy in Brasov Romānia!

        On the date of 14 March 2005, God blessed the city of Brasov with a group of 17 young men lead by bro. Tom Gentry coming from up north (Sighetu-Marmatiei) to help us in our ministry for the Lord.

          We started the day with a street meeting at the Gara (train station)  with the smile of God above us, giving us the most beautiful day of the year.We all started singing from the top of our lungs, praising the Lord Jesus Christ. Everybody gathered around to listen to us and bro. Istvan led two men to the Lord! Amen! Praise the Lord!

             After the meeting we went straight to our church and had a fabulous meal all together, had fellowship and bro. Gerald Sutek explained to us the importance of street preaching.

              With our strengthened bodies and minds, we went in the center of Brasov for another street meeting! There, one of the boys, after a lot of incurageting words he started to preach for the first time in his life.He was so tense that when he started he went like a machine-gun.None of them wanted to continue, so I wanted to give them an example of preaching the gospel with no shame, but the problem was that I never preached in my hole life either.So what was I supose to do? I’ve put my faith in the Lord and I started preaching with absolute no idea in my head. IT WAS EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful experience! I felt how the Lord was working thru me and how he was putting words in my mouth!I started with “The bible sais….” And every time I didn’t know what to say I just repeated “The bible sais….” and just quoted another verse from the bible.

Praise the Lord!It was probably the most happiest day in my hole life as a new born christian.I just wanted to preach… and sing… and preach… and sing and preach ……It was fantastic I’ll never forget it! It was the greatest thing that it colud’ve  happen to a young men in the Lord like me; to be surrounded of all those christians wanting to spread out the gospel.

       In the end we exchanged e-mail adresses and phone numbers; hugged each other and separated heading home.

Wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

          Special thanks to bro.Tom Gentry, bro.Gerald Sutek and pastor Brent Logan for their help in accomplishing all these that happened!

             For anybody who wants to write to me this is my e-mail adress: andreigogiu@yahoo.com

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