SWAT REPORT # 16  FEB. 14, 2005 (see pictures (3) below)

If You Like To Talk To Folk About Jesus... This Is The Place

Look close at the photos...Bro. Logan is preaching to about 60-70 people
(not all in the photo) in front of the train station... and they stayed
to the very end...also Dan is one-on-one with several at a time...some
serious inquirers...the three boys are gypsies that come to our
children's hour on Sunday AM and they recognized us on the street
meeting and we quickly put them to work...they usually bug folk with
their begging but this day they bugged them to give them the gospel.  I
have visited countries and preached where the reception was as good or
even better but I have never lived in one like Romania...if you are
coming you had better hurry...the slogan of Communism is, "Two steps
forward and one step backward" and many believe the last 15 years of
tenuous calm from Russian style communism is the one step back in order
that they might gain the money of the west and identify those who would
not be in agreement... like Christians... take a look at Belarus, Russian
and almost Ukraine... the Christians there are hurtin-for-certin... We
must get a permit every month in order to hold publick, open air
meetings but that is just a formality... as long as you have it there is
no problem at all... and you that argue against any kind of
permits... come over here and show me how it is done... I will be glad to
house you for the two days you will be here.

The Lord Has Given Us Two Fine Families

The Lord has given us two fine families... whole families...normal
families...those are hard to find in the states...one of these families
includes a dad who is a veteran street preacher and does a wonderful
job...the two moms are sisters in these families and the kids are
beautiful and well behaved...there is a teen-aged young man who seems to
love God and comes with his father to the street meetings and really
enjoys it...we now have three Romanian men who will preach on the
street...Praise the Lord

The Church Is Doing Great

The church is doing great... especially when you consider the
weather...the gypsy kids came in late Sunday morning because the train
arrives well after our children's hour starts...I was playing the
accordion when they came in but I wish I could have gotten their
picture...they had snow all over them from walking the 4-5 blocks from
the train station...don't know many kids in USA who would walk that far
and get snow on them just to come to SS...It takes time for a church to
form into a family of believers but we see much evidence of this as the
Word of God is faithfully imparted each and every time that we
meet...folks here are generally not Sunday morning Chrisitans...if they
come they come to all the services...this helps in the gelling of the

As you might gain from the spirit of my reports...  we are ecstatic about
serving the Lord in Romania... and this ecstasy is what the Lord delights
in involving Himself in and blessing and we are privileged to be in on a
great deal of this...I turned age 60 on the 12th of this month and if I
had the opportunity to design my own surroundings and opportunities...I
couldn't begin to design anything any better than what we are honored to
be involved in...the Lord just gave us a huge house real close to the
downtown section of Brasov...it is so big that we will easily be able to
house and transport any and all who might take advantage of the
opportunity to come and serve with us for a time...please let us
know... we have the Chuck Zander family of 7 coming from March 23-April
12 so make your plans accordingly... Be sure to fly into Bucharest and
not any other eastern European city... let us know...

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