We continue to stand amazed at what the Lord is doing in this ministry in Romania.  We arrived in the country on Oct. 6th with absolutely nothing. Brent Logan arrived a month later with nothing.  We began doing what we could (Mk. 14:8) …preaching on the street…passing as many tracts as we could get our hands on…making plans for a place of assembly…mending our personal nets and the such like.  In this incredibly short time the Lord has given us an acceptable place for assembly as well as an assembly which I have written extensively about in previous reports. 

We had a street meeting in the square of downtown Brasov yesterday and FIVE, count them (5) grown men from our church came out in force.  They all served in some capacity…either they preached, interpreted, held a scripture-sign/banner, passed tracts, witnessed and some did all.  It was a thrill to play the accordion and hear five grown men singing “There is power in the blood” in Romanian to the best of their ability.   PRAISE THE LORD! The whipped cream on this cake was when our hotdog soul winner Dan led a young man to the Lord with the promise of attending church this coming Sunday.   WOW what a time serving the Lord.  Our Pastor, Brent Logan had to make a trip to Germany with his family so these men came in the absence of their Pastor and with only the announcement of a street meeting.  I know sizable churches in the US that would have difficulty putting five men on the street serving the Lord. 


Let me tell you a little about our saints.  We are a motley crew as any Bible believing, independent Baptist church should be.  A bunch of strays bonded about the Person of our common salvation.  One of the guys on the street yesterday was a neo-nazi-punker before he got saved.  His mother, who was in prison at the time, gave him a Bible and he began to read.  He read in the books of Moses that it was forbidden to make markings or cuttings in your body.  So at the tender age of 15, in the midst of all his punker buddies, he refused to join them in getting a tattoo.  They mocked him but he quoted the Bible on the issue.  He was walking on the street in Bucharest when he heard an American street preacher.  He got saved, cleaned up, started learning wisdom after God, the Lord gave him a wonderful family and he is now in our church.  One lady in our church, who is a mature Christian and a blessing to our church plays the comb…that is…she wraps plastic around a large hair comb and hums through it like a kazoo…she is for real and it adds to the music of our church.  We have others who are victims of general “disfunctionality” (an invented, but descriptive word) in both their homes and society in general.  We have one complete family that is saved and serving and another family like them who are visiting and we are certainly hopeful they will be part of our church family.  Nearly all of our people are serving the Lord in some capacity and that makes for a unite army for the Lord.

We are making preliminary plans for further ministries which will be shortly coming.  We are looking forward to many friends visiting us this spring and summer and serving with us in one of the remaining harvest fields of the world…Eastern Europe.  All are welcome.