Brent Logan "warming up" the cold squareSunday was a good harvest after a good week of planting. We had three great street meetings (In the photo you can see Pastor Logan warming up the cold square with the warmth of the Word of God...also Andrew can be seen interpreting) this week which yielded an increase in church attendance as well as three adult salvations. We had a couple come to Wednesday night prayer and Bible study and they expressed a strong desire to hear and learn more. Pastor Logan took them aside after the service, with a translator and spent most of an hour with them but they wanted more. So they sacrificed their Saturday afternoon for "religious instruction." After more than an hour and a half of intense Bible teaching they repented of their sin and trusted the Lord as their Saviour. On Sunday morning we had a good number of children (copii in Romanian) for the SS hour. For the 11 AM service there were thirty. One man, about 47 came in late, I greeted him and found him a chair. He sat and listened...very interested. At the end, I got a translator and introduced him...the man pulled out a tract he had received on the street and had filled out. He had made a diligent effort to find the church and come. He expressed a desire to learn more about salvation from the Bible. I took himthree folks saved! and an interpreter into the back room and spent quality time with him from the Word of God. When I came out I was singing, "There's a new name written down in Glory...and it's George...oh yes it's George." He has an excellent spirit and I am looking forward to discipling him and serving with him in the future. In the photo of those saved...George is on the left and the couple on the right side.

The photo of the street meeting is to whet your appetite...there is a brief video of this on the website...

The church is beginning to come together both in organization as well as functioning as a body. We not only have first time visitors each week but we have regulars as well. We had 36 counting SS kids and church this week. We have a real live WHOLE family coming. I say that because so often here, as well as in USA disfunctional families are the norm. We are going to visit Robert and Emese and their two beautiful children (copii remember) in just a few minutes

We are having a sledding fellowship at our home in Poiana this Friday night...hope they can all fit into our apartment.

Both Pastor Logan and I make several trips with our vehicles to pick up folk for church. We are enjoying every kilometer of it but we are asking the Lord if He would provide us a van to aid in this mini-bus ministry and we believe that He will soon.

We are all happy and healthy serving our great King...the Lord Jesus Christ.