I don't know what your mind imagines when you think of an audience with the mayor but mine formed up Brent Logan, our Romanian interpreter and myself being ushered politely into a nice, private office and being greeted rather formally. We wanted to give him greetings from America and possibly a nice Bible and then sit down casually and discuss the problem we were having with the security guys on the square when we attempt to have a street meeting. We were certain that he would smile and agree with us that the Romanian Constitution plainly gives the liberty for such religious expression and even apologize for any inconvenience for the misunderstanding. We would then assure him that our intentions were pure, give him a gospel tract and thank him for his time. That is what I had imagined and planned....WELL...it didn't quite develop exactly like that.

We three went to the office at the appointed time...upon entering we counted 35 people waiting in front of us for their time with the mayor...a large room with a 35 foot table for council meetings, and a Christmas tree, several doors leading into other rooms. We found a place around the table. Shortly after the appointed time the mayor, casually dressed, took his seat at the head of the table, his secretary read the first name and discussion ensued. Whatever was being said became warm, then hot, then argumentative, then unhappily settled. The secretary read the next name and something less heated was discussed between the mayor and a grandma-type lady. We quickly calculated that our parking would be long past ticket stage if we were number 35...but then our names were read...our interpreter quickly gave a greeting from the two Americans accompanying him and then began his plea for freedom to exercise our beliefs...take into consideration that virtually everyone else in the room belongs to the Orthodox church and would consider us an annoying, distracting, and even dangerous cult, with the intent to damage their long standing business of idolatry (Acts 19:21-41)...within 8 minutes our audience with the mayor abruptly ended and we left the room...Sorine, our interpreter informed us that the mayor agreed with us but that he wanted a detailed description of our activities before he gave his stamp of approval...but that we would not be required to get a permit each time...this was good news but when we filed our statement of intent we were told it would be 30 days before an answer from the mayor could be in hand. Oh well, there are plenty other places to keep us occupied till then.

Addressing those who would ignorantly castigate this action of submitting a letter of intent, which some would interpret as asking for permission; it is one thing to argue this as an American with full liberties and rights and risk losing and jail time...it is altogether another thing to attempt this as a foreigner with no rights and facing deportation, end of ministry, and possibly other persecutions...I think Paul would agree with what we have done...our publick ministry was not, nor is not on hold...only the choicest location.

Thanks to all those who prayed for the Logan's container...it arrived safely and they are busy putting their "stuff" Gen. 45:20 in the right place.


There is a Romanian young man named Sorine...who is eager for the ministry and talented. He can already play the accordion and he has made request to own one...I told him I would mention it in my report in case anyone has one to donate...there is a way to ship it to an APO address which would cut down on shipping...please get back with me if you know of one available...thanks.


Last night the Logan family, Dan and Andrew and our family enjoyed a perfomance of the Messiah. We went to the Black Church which is a very famous landmark building in town. We sat with many hundred other folk listening to pure scripture being sung in German to the glory of our Gread God and Saviour Jesus Christ. With this in mind allow us to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season and great ministry during this time of year.