The Long transition has been successful…we are home in Romania. We traversed ten time zones in as many days so we are in recovery but we are all well and thrilled to be the Lord’s ambassadors in this part of His kingdom. Thanks to all who loved us, honored us, prayed for us and helped us in this complicated transition. Thanks also to Missionarys Troy Green and Dwight Herring who received us both in Germany and in Romania. I cannot imagine our forefathers making even more complicated transitions to foreign fields in years past, with even greater opposition totally devoid of any human help.

Pray that our container makes it. They are talking in terms of a three week delay minimum. They are also threatening to withhold certain items because of confusion on the listing of contents. Believe me…we put nothing superfluous in that container…we need everything. Pray that our van, given to us by a missionary friend in Germany would be able to be registered here in Romania. There may be a hitch here due to government requirements. Pray that the Lord will give me the men that my mission requires and that I will know how to handle them and supply their needs.

You may now contact us if you so desire. Our email is just now setup but please write us via gsutek@streetpreaching.com because this address is not subject to change. You may call us at 011-40-268-262-468 from the USA. If you use the phonecard.com card for Europe that I recommended earlier…it will only be pennies to call us. We are still trying to find a cheap way to call you but for now it would be better for you to call us. NOTE THE TIME ZONE DIFFERENCE. WE ARE SEVEN (7) HOURS AHEAD OF EASTERN TIME. This means that when it is a comfortable 8:00 PM in Ohio or New York it is a sleepy 3 AM over here. Since we are this much ahead of you in time, we will try to warn you if the Lord comes a day ahead of your time so you can get right with the Lord. HA…

Pray for us as we will be faithful to pray for you and thank you for your faithful friendship.

Be among those who “Ceased not” Acts 5:42

Gerald, Robin and Mary Bethany Sutek……THE SWAT TEAM