On the street in India

The work of "Christ For India" all started with a vision the Lord gave to one man, Dr. M.A. Thomas. Dr. Thomas was born in South India in 1936, the eldest of five children of a country preacher. When he was a college student, the Lord saved him through the death of a dear friend. When Dr. Thomas found the joy of salvation, he told his parents that he wanted to go and share this joy with others. His poor parents had educated him so that he could support the family, but when God called him, his parents sent him to Hindustan Bible Institute in Madras for training. During the first summer vacation from the Institute, Dr. Thomas walked from the Bible school to his hometown, about 500 miles, with his two friends Philip and John. They wrote Scripture verses on signs and displayed them on their chests and backs. They also distributed Gospel tracts, conducted street preaching and night meetings, and gave the Gospel to any and all who would listen. The Lord saved many souls and the three young men reached home on the fifty-seventh day. This was the first major experience for a greater ministry.