On the county courthouse steps

While this young lady does not preach on the street, she supports it wholeheartedly and is an active publick minister in her own right. 

Below is part of a response she wrote to an individual on the subject of publick ministry, after herself serving a year in a communist country.

"Have you ever been on a sure-enough street meeting? Have you ever preached on the street? Try it some time after reading Matthew through Acts, as well as your Old Testament again to see how frequently this method was used by God’s prophets, His Son, and the early Christians. I think you will find it is not and has never been geared exclusively to get the results you mentioned (i.e. folks saved). Rather, it is manifold in its benefits to the community, the church, and the individual believer who participates. The community is regularly reminded their sin and God’s view of it. Never underestimate the power of God’s Word. Isaiah 55:11 promised that it would not return void. So, the scripture signs and theSummer scripture sign holding spoken verses are doing a work in people’s hearts that no one can track. Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that it is the LIVING WORD, well able to do the job and reach people beyond our ability. (If you are interested, check with Gerald Sutek about people becoming Christians as a result of street ministry. He has photos of dozens, perhaps scores, of people getting saved on the spot.) The church is strengthened by a street ministry, since it is nigh impossible to be a stodgy, cold Christian and a bold public witness at the same time. As an individual who has participated in street meetings since I was 16, I cannot over-emphasize the good it has done me. Granted, one can get hard toward sinners and do things just out of habit, but I have found that going out burdens me more for the unbelievers around me. Also, it makes me want to raise up the name of the Lord before them. Isn’t He worthy of His Name and His Word being proclaimed from the housetops, whether anyone listens or not? Ezekiel 2:5-7; 3:18-19 speak plainly about our responsibility not being to produce converts, but rather to spread the word. I don’t decry other forms of witnessing, I’m just saying street ministry should be a high priority with all believers. Not just as a church event, but as a way of life. For public ministry doesn’t end with a 45 minute street meeting, but rather follows you into the supermarket as you give the cashier a tract and speak a word of testimony to her. Everywhere you go. [Once again, I have gone into overtime on this subject, but having been without the privilege to speak publicly for the Lord in over a year, I can’t sit quietly and not support it to the hilt. After all, the Blitz (National Street Preachers' Convention)  is the main reason I am returning to the States at this time.]"