E.  ShelhamerE. Shelhamer
(Early 1900's)

Some time after this we were holding a street meeting and a Catholic policeman started to arrest us, taking this brother as he was in charge of the wagon. I intercepted them saving: "You cannot take him unless you take the others, for I am his pastor and more responsible than he for this meeting." He said, "All right, I will take the whole pack," and called up the two-horse patrol. While waiting for the patrol we pitched in to get our money's worth out of the service. Presently the horses dashed up to the ring and an officer came in and took me by the arm, saying, "Come on, Cap," and crowded sixteen of us into the wagon. As the driver put the lash to the horses we started up and sang, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name." There was just the right crowd on to make the springs ride easy. Sam Jones denounced the action of the mayor in one of the daily papers, saying, "There was more real piety in that old patrol that day than in any ten square acres in Atlanta. We stood a trial, won the case, and since that time have had the inside track on large and interesting street meetings which have sometimes lasted for three hours.

The Baptist Ministerial Association had the courage to draw up a resolution taking issue against the action of the mayor. But the Methodist preachers waited until the papers and public sentiment were in our favor, then they likewise expressed themselves. "A friend in need is a friend in deed." Since God helped us to live down the twofold prejudice, religious and sectional, it is pitiable to see some of our former opposers. They would like to join in the interesting services, and act as though nothing had even occurred, but God and conscience will not let them. This proves that a thing is not settled at all until it is settled right.